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Come on in all good cortana it's a top machine okay we have mary lou in salem mary lou hello w k house mary lou today i'm good how are you look it's good to hear you so your from salem we're talking to halloween happy to resist i know all right here well i have an idea okay on top of this issue i quote her all i would imagine that it feel ligo hugh maybe our political party me you know there's for yet regard review from bob movie like what like you mean liability if a kid gets her no no no hurt the religious you know know the religious from it right if one person who included what particular region or and you're there or why official were for a while i don't know which one of them over there decided i don't know how they do it so you said you had a solution irish solution is pretty simple why don't think you're have if it is a legal issue uh waiting to maybe uh w not have to deal with that if you have like a fancy feed drop goal and and chefs so happened to have it on october birch what if you do boarded dress up in fancy clothes when you went to finally car and would afford it okay what if it's dress up day near muslim and you'd have to wear a burqa same i mean this is in our many bertel aaron kids but what if what a hewlett wahid he job i think that it i dunno i faith that it should be all right through the decision and it is one of the most for it is one of the most honest like one of the callers that it is probably the finest horrible now that we've got it and cooler and it you know why don't they just have a fence you just have day the kids aren't going to care what it's called i bet can can you guys up as a cat oregon up as a cat i would fancy dress so it's then it's basically the same thing i'd were that with another name at who was so that's what they kind.

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