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Shocked and grieving Los Angeles pitcher Tyler Skaggs was found dead in his Arlington Texas hotel room yesterday he was twenty seven years old and it just pitch Saturday against the open case Texas Rangers manager Chris bordered on the mood there are a lot of pretty emotional guys in there you can tell some as gnome yeah actually played with them No Way some guys even known pretty near visibly shaken no fell places suspected but an investigation is under way the United States women are headed to their eighth straight World Cup semi final their victory over France Friday set up the semi final clash with England in Leon today the tournament setting records across the globe for ratings massive television and digital audiences of tuned in to watch the first three weeks of live coverage prompting organizer fifth at a forecast a total global audience of one billion viewers across all platforms by the time the final whistle blows on Sunday hold my calls go get him later this is this is all text me this afternoon Ross like at three o'clock whole whole the window to like five not available USA wins this one two to one we worship twenty two minutes after the hour on this morning America's first news the clock is ticking every day you put out buying life insurance can cost you bigtime the.

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