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Picture too. Screen rand. Yeah, if you're listening to screen, it's just Elliott and doing finger out. I'll put in the description linked to picture URL man. We gotta get a wrap this shit up. Gonna get into view. Let's see. Let's go to detective Pika chew. Detective peak CHU is going to be realistic, like rocket raccoon, guardians of the galaxy. I did not expect this. I thought detective Pika chew was gonna look like a video game version. So it's going to have like hair and shit. It's going to be subarea Listrik. I don't know. I feel about that. That's a little weird. Also, yeah, I don't like us, but also this is what I don't get about this. I would even though I don't give a shit about Pokemon anymore. I would rather like a legitimate live action, Pokemon movie. If this is how they're going to do it, why not give me a real polka movie with Mimi. They're going to be other Pokemon in here, but like I don't know. I would like an actual Pokemon movie then, but I get the whole rocket raccoon. Realistic thing is I was actually very surprised by that and I'm not sure it's gonna. I dunno, gonna look, it's going to be what's let's bring back doored very jarring. Yeah, I, I don't get this whole thing. It feels like it feels like we're being pranked, bro. This whole detective Pika chew feels like an extended April Fools. Joke to me, isn't it kind of weird how they're doing detective shoe before doing regular shoe considering detective Beka. Choose offshoot. Right? It's just making. I don't know. I'm just confused by it. I'm sure it's testing. I'm sure they research the way, isn't it? Is it Sony who's doing this movie? Because if it's Sony, I don't want to say anything bad about saying they always use some weird fucking shit. Let's see what if it was true detected pitched you just thinking that that would be cool like the yellow king. That's him. He gets you. It's all coming together. Now connected dots. Times a flat circle polka balls or circle again, more connecting the dots? Yeah. Nothing like some Pika chew in cosmic horror. This is greater. Interesting. Yeah, Warner Brothers. All right. Same team behind the jungle book. Ryan Reynolds is voicing peak itchy, right? He's not. He's not opposite Pichu like his foil. Richest just forgotten about that. John damange. Oh, as peak choose, that'd be pretty good sticker. Really gruff voice like manner if we're going to make him literally rocket raccoon with might as well, just give them a really gruff voice. I wouldn't mind that I love John Maggio and all voice roles on peak chew. That was a real person read, or is this movie too, and then there's a character, Catherine new in as Lucy Lucy Stevens a reporter company with a side duck. So there will be other Pokemon. It just get it seems sign of a regular Pokemon. The reason for a death thing -tective peak, you came from the Pokemon company and Letterman. The guy who's doing the movie rub Letterman Letterman says, are to make a movie that focused on another character besides ash Ketchum. But I feel like it's different when it's live action like it's a complete different type of moving. I'd never seen a live action Pokomo movie. I couldn't tell you. Yeah. You said the book company. They've already made many, many movies of ash. I mean, but again, not live action, not like this. I, I don't like it. I don't like it also can't wait to see what it looks like match. Econo- excited to see what peak itchy looks like. Like it's it's one step below The Lion King for me like seeing that because people are gonna freak out when they see that this will be, let's be crazy to see that it was to hear peekapoos speaking in that one. That was funny. Yep, because whatever peak itchy looks like it's going to get roasted on Twitter. It's going. It's going to be a good Twitter day. Yeah. Remember Power Rangers was a oft roasted movie when they released images..

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