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To thirty nine officials confirmed that there were no survivors from a whole wide tour helicopter crash remains of six people have been recovered in the seventh is still missing the helicopter crash this week at last week rather in a remote and rugged but amazingly beautiful area of cool wireless featured in the film Jurassic Park CBS is Danya Bacchus has the latest the intense search is taking place along a mountainous region inland from the not poly codes officials say that's where they found the wreckage of the sight seeing helicopter in bodies of six people on board Thor he's identified at least two victims forty seven year old Amy again in in thirteen year old Jocelyn Ganon from Wisconsin what I can tell you is that there's two different sets of family members that were on the aircraft party of two and a party of four the cause of the crash has not been determined but it is the third helicopter crash in Hawaii this year and a wide congressman ed cases more must be done to regulate the to or in small craft industries and improve their safety the horses were up again this weekend at the Santa Anita racetrack and the southern California see it's Anita Borg opens its new season after a turbulent year the horses hit the track and the fans fill the stadium we love the racing and I know everybody in this the track and everybody that works here is very involved and cares for the horses.

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