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This seems to be the the cause for these arrest seems to be a confession from dillon adams his brother's zachary atoms is the first one arrested and charged with firstdegree murder and then we have their friend jason autry who was arrested and charged with firstdegree murder two more brothers mark and jeffrey percy are arrested for accessory after the fact and then we have at shane austin who seems to be working with the police in some form now he was granted immunity early on in this case but we have the police and investigators saying that they may seek charges against austin at some point because he doesn't seem to be completely honest and completely forthcoming to help them in their investigation now later that year after three and a half years for look at of looking for holly bobo her remains are discovered in september of two thousand fourteen when we left off yesterday we said that we were going to get into these suspects a little more and that's exactly what we're going to do so now we mentioned that shane austin we said that he was offered immunity in exchange for information regarding the location of holly baba's body police checked sheens phone records and those indicated that sheen austin was in contact with zachary adam several times on the day of holly's kidnapping and the police believe the austin helped dispose of this body now this agreement between austin the authorities granted him immunity from various charges in the case including all charges arising out of the disposal destruction burial and or concealment of holly bobo deceased body it also included a provision granting austin immunity for drug related criminal activity not to include any drugs administered to holly bobo.

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