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You sell beach on expanding and expanding in all alone directions at fenway is a spouse does it can go the speed of light june twelve million miles of minutes a next the past his fee there is so remember when you're feeling very small and insecure mahjaja amazingly unlikely as y'all burned i find the intel uh have some wild reslease thosethose those dogged gold lil as usual fits and dope bags are here yes bye bye uh on this day because on this day well yes uh john cleese monty python mr mr cleese will be calling of the this radio show at eight o'clock is it sir john i go i don't know if united lighted oil let's laura i guess i first question yeah and they're now a week from sunday the release call again we will this week from sunday he's going to be at the eccles theater your downtown showing a showing of dui showing of monty python holy grail and they're not doing a discussion afterward and he also wants to talk about you know who talk about we'll talk about the movie and about fawlty towers as well oh good he declined declined i saw watching the neighborhood why would he do that sometimes which way low such as the it just it's there's a list of his honors in tribute to not says liked declined day commander to the order of the british empire in 1997 i think it was because it was uh what's her name was prime minister thatcher thatcher mm although uh uh she i mean she would not be who wanted to bestow the niloh there would be the queen bought but i as i recall he to win was did he do it again six that was that yeah in it was got word during margaret thatcher i think he did it in protest of the policies of the british government there's a whole wicket pedia page on people that have turned down the owner also he's he is it's happened to be a water l so um knaller something.

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