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Crime expert galaxy that again a pink collar crime expert so me a great show votes and Mrs Kelly Paxton who will discuss her research into criminal behavior her investigations into trusted employees that committed fraud against their employers but I as always like to start the show with some good news and bad news and updates involving all being some very stupid criminals. Hey this just in from the HUFFINGTON post suspects wowed release of gas. You heard that loud suspects loud release a gas it helps beliefs sniff out his hiding place well the Liberty Police Department and Missouri said no one was hurt by the blast a man trying to loot police in Missouri ended up being betrayed by his own backside Liberty Police Department officers over the weekend where searching vainly for a man wanted on warrant charging possession of a controlled substance according according to Kansas City Star newspaper however the suspect may have gotten away if it hadn't been betrayed by his own backside will explain further it seems that the man let out a large yet your guess a large flagellants and sound fell far in the south right the wrong time allowed the officers to sniff out where he was hiding according according to local police fortunately for the bad guy the cops have not released his identity at this time so the nearby Clay County Sheriff's Office got wind of the arrests and decided to turn and it into a cautionary.

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