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One goal help everybody in the midwest. And now is attending more east. Trying to stay warm. Yeah. Somebody tweeted us worse at Detroit or whatever they're telling boom Detroit area. Yeah. Telling people to keep their thermostat below sixty five. Yeah. There it is Detroit from the Detroit Free Press consumer energy asking anyone to lower their heat to sixty five or less through Friday. Yeah. You understand why the the strain? But I don't know when it's that cold. How does the you know, how does the the thermostat ever kick off? How does the the unit ever stop running? When it's that cold. It's like when it's one hundred and ten here in Texas. My see never stops. But I'm assuming that the heater. You know, even set at sixty five is even if you set it at seventy maybe may not go off. Especially with some of those older homes. Yeah. That I I was reading where they were the mail service US mail was halted in some areas. Yes. Amtrak service going in and out of Chicago was was halted affecting tens of people. So. All right. That was good. I I like I did like I like that. Yeah. It's it's not intellectually fair because they actually use trains more further north than where we are. We don't use trains, except for you know, when we get rich from our oil that we have we buy trains, but not toy trains. We buy real trains for our kids know, the it was, but that was interesting when they were saying that the even the USPS was halting delivery in some areas. So now, nobody is going to sympathize with me but yesterday because my my goal is. Either tomorrow Friday or Saturday to golf right because it's supposed to be. I think what sixty six on Friday. And then over it's supposed to warm up to get to the mid seventies Sunday Monday. That's what they're saying. Yeah. Which is which is great. But so I was thinking yesterday. Okay yesterday. I had I was waiting for my new satellite receiver to come in. After my. I told the story on Monday were went up in smoke. Not a good Cheech and Chong kind of way. I hear the story Sunday morning. I woke up and is probably about I don't know. I wake up earlier on on Sunday. Susan, probably five thirty six o'clock. Right. And just went in in the living room, turn on the TV just turned on the TV then walked to the other room. Right. And I'm in the other room, and all of a sudden, I can hear the TV go off. I hear the sound go off, and I got satellite TV's that happens once in a while. Right. All of a sudden my smoke alarm here. My smoke alarm. What in the world, and I walk in. And there's just smoke pouring from the television console that. I had that I have all my in smoke, and I look, and I can see it's coming out of the my my satellite receiver DVR player. Right. I ran over. And I pulled the plug out that they could smoke, and you said that electrical smell the unit is as hot as possibly could you could be. So I had I had a had a call the guy and couldn't get him out with the new replacement until yesterday. Just because I was busy. They were willing to come earlier. But I just I couldn't do it. And he looked he said I've never seen this happen. 'cause I plugged it in form he said, well, what was the problem with you wanna see the problem? So I plug it in it starts smoking. Again. He goes, oh, he looked at me sit in all my years. I've never seen that. Yeah. And and so so that was done early. So I was thinking to myself. I me wonder what and hit some golf balls today. I looked at the temperature and it was like forty four whatnot. Still too cold. It gets about fifty. There's no win. So I go to the store I can walk out of the store, you know, the shopping carton walking on and there's probably a eight nine mile an hour wind, and it seemed like the air was a little drier. Man is it ever cold? And then I started laughing thinking of all our friends up in the midwest. And. The northeasterners. The good news is they're going to get a break going this weekend. Sunday could be in the mid forties in Chicago. And and as high as fifty degrees on Monday, according to whether dot com. So that's good news. They were they were weather dot com was doing a breakdown of the the biggest temperature change swings in history. And they say that this is a pretty decent swing. I mean, if you look at where they've been of the last couple of days, and we're they'll be by Monday. Let's a huge that's a huge swing. But that's that's good news. Relief is on the way. Now, can you blame Trump on the relief? Yeah. You give them credit for the relief. If you give him if you blame him for the vortex. I'm just asking questions. So ridiculous. I that would you know, for some reason if I had a band that would be a name not polar vortex. Yeah. Yeah. Vortex would be a great. I mean, it has to be like speed metal. Oh, yeah. Yeah. It's not. And we're we're not gonna play carpenters music. No. It's not gonna be captain Antonio cover band. No vortex. We play captain antennae ill and Neil sadaqa. So on February thirteenth of last year. Chinook winds caused the temperatures in fort Belknap Montana to rise from an early morning. Low of minus thirty seven to an afternoon high of forty. Wow. That's eighty two degrees. In change. Wow. Let's see here, Montana's. Also, the location of a one hundred degree temperature drop. Twenty four hours in Browning, Montana. The temperature fell from forty four degrees above zero to fifty six degrees below between January twenty third in the next day. The twenty fourth I'm sorry of nineteen sixteen. I do remember one of the coldest times I was ever actually out and about was it was in my college years, and it was the New Year's weekend. And we got a cabin. Down in this state park in south western New York. Yeah. Allegany state park for anybody. Who knows you know, the Allegheny national forest, and in Pennsylvania and all that but allegany state park on the New York side and a bunch of college buddies. They got a cabinet, and whatever, and I was only able to get down there. I think so I was I was working at the Bank. But I I think I went down know New Year's New Year's Eve afternoon got out of work and headed down there. And it was really cold. I mean, it was below zero. I mean, it was probably minus ten minus twelve degrees below zero. And my my best friend, Jeff he remembers it because we decide we great dinner with all of our college buddies. And then we get they got into nights sledding down these hills, and you know, and people running into trees and everything else because I'm going to guess there might have been a few adult beverages involved in some of that. Okay. But I will I will always remember the peacefulness of being way way below zero there. Now there wasn't a win. It was dillas could be. Yeah. And and this red house lake that is that is there. It's a man-made lake small lake completely frozen. It's safe to walk on anybody walking around in the hockey mask by chance. No. But we we were dressed as eskimos went to this little island tiny little island. I mean, the island is I don't know fifty feet by thirty feet. Okay. As a rock on it. And we sat and we were drinking out of a bottle blackberry. Brandy. My buddy. And just looking at the stars. When midnight hit the new year hit. And you know, there's cabins it's completely desolate and the sky as clear as can be. Yeah. And you could hear people screaming and yelling in the cabins off miles away because of a guy in a hockey mask. No, oh, they were happy new year. Oh, there you go. Now, there was not nothing like that. But just. And that's probably the coldest I've ever. In a blizzard seventy seven was cold. But it wasn't that cold. But there was no wind. I can't imagine having a twenty mile an hour wind when it's minus thirty degrees or thirty mile an hour wind a buddy of mine old radio guy, the old radio guy. Coming from another old radio guy, an old radio friend from the well, the very first days of my radio career. We were the ones that walked out on that frozen pond. Talk about that winner, which would have been January February of eighty five. For a couple of days. We did not get above zero. It was like five below. And this is in Texas while it was crazy. Yeah. And we were but we were reminiscing on Facebook. We are thread. It was just the two of us are threat went on forever. The other day. I just talking about it. I told him I said, yeah. Which I tell that story of off and on the air quite a bit. So my buddy, Brian he walked further than I did. He took a bigger risk. So I don't know if that makes him brave or stupid or what it makes them at that time. I was I really didn't even think about it. I really wasn't. But I still to this day have no idea how deep that lake. Was it could have been two feet. But I, but it could have been twenty feet thirty feet. I have no idea. We weren't. We didn't test anything. We didn't throw a big brick in the center to see now. Nothing like that started walking. That's how smart I was. Well, I mean, it's when you when you grow up in the north, for example, I mean, when I tell us to people because there's skating rinks down here right now, they have indoor ice skating rinks all over the place, but I've skated on a pond, many many times, you know, just sat there, and you walk in you don't know. And you can just tell me if it's look when when it's when it's been ten degrees for for three weeks in a row, you're pretty safe that any pond you're gonna walk on his. Yeah. Yeah. I just is. Okay. I saw viral video where you had a bunch of skaters, and they were skating across this big lake. And I forget where it was it could have been Minnesota. I don't remember. But I'm and they had a drone flying over them. And it was getting this incredible footage. But it looks like the I mean, the ice was so clear wasn't. There was no snow on top of it. And you know, from at least that vantage point from, you know, the video it looked clear, and it looked kind of shiny, which means to me looks like water is on top of the ice. But that wasn't the case. There was no water on it. It was just really clear, and I I asked you was during a break the other night. And I said so is someone go out and test. Is there a way they test to see do? They just do the math. You know and say, well, no, it's been this temperature for so many days. So we know the ice is going to. Officially if you were commit you'd be testing it by drilling it normally it's four inches. It's safe for people to be on. I mean, they were skating at a high speed going one direction. I mean going across if it's roughly four inches thick that normally, you know, safe to, you know, safer person to be on. But you just you just again, the ponds we were on. And we we knew there they they might have been three or four feet deep it you'd be cold. And you have to be rushed inside. But you're not gonna you're you weren't going to you weren't going to die. But I would be you know, the the one time that we walked on the lake again. It was like minus ten degrees might say you knew it was solid. It was that lake probably got to about twenty twenty five thirty feet deep in the middle. But where we were probably five to seven feet, and we only walked to this tiny island that was about fifty feet. And you knew it was rock solid solid is be we knew it you..

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