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Guards, and thank gosh this year. They've got Ah lot of weapons at in that area. I know you'd nature Nate Johnson has been off to a great start. Three point over 33 pointers made per ballgame. Kicky Tammy's averaging 12 points a game in 24 minutes. I'm still waiting for Kiki, too kind explode onto the scene here for the Musketeers. Great talent. Getting pretty many minutes and been very, very productive. But he's another huge talent, perhaps with guano Tum not on the floor in those minutes might even shift his direction and he may be integral in today's outcome. Yeah, he is. I was hoping that they were gonna Star Kiki Tandy. We still do not know he might start. We still averaging. 11 points a game, even though his last two games he has his productivity is falling off. Because there's just so much death at the guard position against OU. He played 11 minutes and scored six points. Um, typically plays about 23 minutes a game, so they're gonna need They're going to need him, especially this year job given We do not know what's going to happen with Kobe protocols. I mean, we could have, you know, missing a guard today and tomorrow, Mr Three other guards you never know. So this is the year to have some depth. Also, I think Adam Kunkel is going to play a bigger role, um, and filling out that lead guard position because he's coming in. Just he's been shooting the basket coming in, just kind of a guy who could come in and just shoot, But But Adam could do a lot more than that. I mean, when he was at Belmont Over 16 points a game. He played a lot of minutes at the point guard that combo guard position, so he's capable of handling the basketball make good decisions with this is you create pregame.

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