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Walk into NASCAR America. I'm Steven tart here with the mayor. Jeff Burton hall of fame and Dale Jarrett. Dare we say special guests Nate Ryan special guests Nate. Right, which tells you that it was an exciting weekend racing. There's a lot of news to cover needs going to fill us all in. But before we get to the news Jeff Cup car was off. Trucks got rained out on Saturday night, which put up for a double header on Iowa. You were up there for the racing. Would you think of the weekend? I love that racetrack. Racetrack is really good recipe is worn out. It's a really cool, vicinity nicety. It's I just think he puts on good race. And I love the fact they can run the ball in the middle of top both both the truck and these race with the racist. I know by definition supposedly, it's not a short track, I considered a short-track, and it looked like short-track racing with beating and banging but Nate in the end, it wasn't even what happened on the racetrack that perhaps got the biggest news first race of the day. The truck race Ross Chastain. I mean he goes on dominates wins the race. But then after found he failed inspections, what's the new? Today. Yeah. So Stevie in the expanding series and truck series, a minimum ride height requirement and Ross chest truck measured extremely low, according to a few NASCAR officials after the race. So he failed the post race inspection. And under nascar's new policy when you fail anything post race and you're the winner you're disqualified from that win. So they took the win away from raw sash, Jane Chastain, the team announced that it will appeal. It filed that appeal today NASCAR hasn't set the day and time of that appeal yet, but they are targeting Wednesday for that appeal to be heard, and the team has said that it will argue that Ross chest pains truck sustained damage that caused it to be lows. That's the argument they're gonna make. And they only get one shot at this get one appeal one chance to say, hey we think that NASCAR aired in this decision. I think before we get into maybe Chastain I think we should look at it from the NASCAR. So Jeff your opinion on NASCAR removing a win. I mean basically taking away we haven't seen it in some time. They threatened it to the teams over the. Season. And here we are, they finally did it take away away from one of the national series. Yeah. We, we had this discussion quite a bit last year on this show about whether they should take wins or not. I think for certain penalties they should take wins. I think minor offenses things happen. I don't think they should take wins. You have to remember that. They do have tolerances, right? They do have posed a post race hollering. They give the teams more more room for the truck not to come up and they told the expense teams and the truck teams off season. If you're low, this will this will take the win away. So it's you and I've dealt with it. We had winds taken away, and it hurts, and Ross Chastain grow. Drove a great race today. He got on the wheel and made it happen. But you have to have rules and enrolls have to be enforced and with them telling the teams in the off season they would take wins away if you were to low that makes it kind of cut and dry. Yeah. It's never an easy situation. And that's part doesn't want to be put in this position. But something? Did have to be done because we'd seen too many times that we were talking about an infraction that came along later and we couldn't just let that continue to happen. And whether it be points and fines, and things like that, that wasn't giving the message across and applaud NASCAR for making this change for this year. The unfortunate that of it is it probably the very first time happens to a team and driver that this would have made a huge difference for them to have this win and a lot of ways the fifty thousand dollar bonus the win getting amend, if they got in the top twenty which it looked like they were going to do so many things with that. But you have to go by the rules. I don't care how low budget you are. And what team you are? And and what a good driver. And good person, you are, you know, everybody has to go buy those roles. I just wonder you know with, with appealing something like this is a really any chance that, that that's going to get overturned, so we're in unchartered waters and.

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