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The photo as well as the feet actually belong to Sydney leathers, a political activists and Cam model who you might recall from Anthony Weiner. On the twenty six. He he really opened. He really opened the chaos ruin all goes back to him up. I mean, the diaries of Trump's president. Because of the congressman and he never even had sex with the women. Not a c. He just wanted to text the guess who has a boner prairie. Like, I I'm just really proud because she is also a Hoosier girl, and it's ninety seven when we get out of the small towns, I destroyed his career his marriage and the presidency the potential presidency of of Hillary Clinton to not have sex to send pictures of his bowl djing underwear way holding his own child. He freak one of the biggest. To scale like how guys we'll put it next. But we don't know how big that baby is like he could be a freebie. You don't know. Got that out of the ICU. He's he's like everything for the next century is gonna trace back to some Weiner thing. It's going to trace right back to him. He's like he's like his family at some probably like multi generational packed with some merchant who sold them occur like a curse vase or something. It just there's some portal to Satan through him. And he never even fucked them never even never even took out his dick Lynch. Character makes no sense. His perversion makes no sense. I just want to read finally from Reddit user jokes on you, like listen to this like, this is a guy who's just, you know, Admiral play just open like, I'm a foot-fetishists like, I know everything about feet, I love soak into hoes love looking at women's feet. I'm just a red at pervert for women's feet can't get enough of them. But listen his response about like, the click fact checking what is objective? Give information in reality. In the times, we're living now, like just listening to how much more sense and how much more sensible. This is literally anything else he says as the internet has grown. It's become increasingly segregated and debunking. False information is more difficult for all. I know. There are Facebook groups and forums where the veracity of this image is doubted, and there are definitely countless other fake images floating around it's relatively easier to bend the big names e IG Alex Jones from media sites, but it's impractical to police everything that goes on. Now, we also have governments and well-funded organizations with sophisticated online strategies to promote unrest or certain political positions. This issue will get worse before it gets better, go off toe suckers, sixty nine. So yeah, I just wanted to say shout out to the real heroes out there the Mods on Wicky feet that are like literally stopping fake news from happening that goes, just so civic minded s amazing. What do we have to remember for every Anthony Weiner? There is a good honest decent pervert there. Who's fighting the good fight or we'll set if there's hope it lies with the perverts? Yeah. There's there's a lot of guys. They'd just punch into their job. They're thinking about like women who are fifty feet tall. Just stomping on them all day. But they like help help people out the help like old ladies cross the street. They you know, the truck driver. They fucking pulled on their thing. When kids do this. Yeah. The thing. I did is a trial because there wasn't much going on. Yeah. It was super. That's wonderful. All those men. They went home. They looked at pictures of Jennifer Aniston blown up to be sixty feet tall and superimpose themselves being stomped on or whatever. And they're all they vote. They taxes shovel. They care about the future. Yeah. Don't let those big city perverts like one of the value..

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