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I mean, it's nine o'clock, Please use CBS News on the hour sponsored by egg lands Best. I'm Deborah Rodriguez as Corona virus infections and deaths shot up across the country Last month, the pace of hiring sputtered Labor Department says employers added 245,000 new jobs. Analysts had been expecting 400 to 450,000, CBS news business analyst Dill Schlessinger. November's results show that the pace of job growth is slowing down as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the U. S economy. The unemployment rate ticked down to 6.7% from 6.9% in October as more people gave up on looking for jobs down futures ahead. 96 S and P futures They're up eight. Many businesses in California will be taking another hit. Governor Newsome is reimposing restrictions in areas where hospitals are overwhelmed with covert patients. Kovr TV's Rene Santos Under the new stay at home order, schools that are already open foreign person learning can remain open along with critical infrastructure businesses. Retail stores may stay open but at 20% capacity As for restaurants, they will have to go back to take out and delivery. Only a farmer in the Midwest named Monaco. Czarsky is stepping up to feed people who've lost work and can't afford enough food. I know we are in Iowa, and we are very, very rural and egg state, but, you know, not everyone has a grandfather uncle who has a far experts believe the rise in infections is not over, Dr Anthony Fauci tells NBC this morning. You haven't seen the post Thanksgiving peak yet and online home rental service. Taking another step to try to stop the spread. Airbnb is putting out the word it plans to do all it can to shut down large New Year's Eve parties in rentals as Corona virus rages nationwide. It's warning of legal action against unauthorized December 31st parties. And it's implemented protocols that will make it harder for people without a history of positive reviews on the platform to make local at last minute reservations. There will be a two night minimum booking for such people. Jim Krystle is CBS New Head of U. S. Intelligence, says China poses the greatest threat to this country and the rest of the free world since World War two. John Radcliffe spoke exclusively to CBS is Catherine Herridge. You say China is targeting members of Congress with six times the frequency of Russia and 12 times the frequency of Iran what is behind Beijing's aggressive approach through blackmail through bribery through overt and covert influence. Trying to make sure that only laws that are favorable to China are past China intends to dominate the world economically, militarily and technologically. This is CBS News. These days. Better nutrition and stronger immunity are essential. That's why egg lands best gives you and your family more so we can all be in our very best only egg lands Best 903 Friday morning to stand with the fourth We're at 45 degrees. Now Cloudy with rain moving in Hye's into the mid fifties today, Good morning, and Bruce Allen and I'm Joan Jones and the top local stories that we're following this hour. The Corona virus vaccine rollout is coming soon. States are submitting plans for how to handle fighters vaccine when it becomes available to the public. And the D. C region is getting ready. D C. Maryland and Virginia will receive shipments of their first doses by mid December, and they have plans for who gets the vaccine Wanted arrives. Maryland will first distributed offices to health care workers and important that nursing homes. The $150,000 is that they received this month will only cover half of the state's health care workers, according to Governor Larry Hogan. 70,000 doses of the Fizer vaccine will go to Virginia Governor Ralph Northam says that health care workers and residents of long term care homes, which is about 500,000 people will be vaccinated. 1st 6800 doses will go to D C, which will distribute them to healthcare workers as well. All three said the general public will likely get vaccinated in the spring. Luke Luke. W T O P NEWS. I'm Meghan Cloherty. As D. C Mayor Muriel Bowser says covert 19 cases reached a record high the city is pushing back at the allotted vaccines it expects to receive current proposed allotment is based on the district's population. And approximately 75% of our own health care workers are residents of Maryland in Virginia, director of D. C. Health doctor look wandering, Nesbit says. They understand no one is getting enough to vaccinate every health care. Worker but pointed to a statement from Governor Larry Hogan that Maryland will be able to vaccinate half of its health care workers Our Aladdin, It allows us to vaccinate 10% of our health care workforce, while other states can quickly vaccinate a third or 50%, Meghan Cloherty w T o P News. Learning from home isn't going so well for a large portion of Montgomery County students. The county's public school system says more students are failing math and English classes this year, in some cases by more than 30% points when compared to last year. Nicky Hazel, associate superintendent for curriculum and instructional programs, Many of our students, particularly are African American and Hispanic. Latino students impacted by poverty have seen significant increases in the number of these and these are receiving on the right. Court card. The numbers released were not for the entire student population, only certain groups in sixth grade and some freshman and seniors Nikolai Nelly w T o P News It's been a tough year for education, but D C has some good news. Students are graduating in four years. More of them are there's new information released by the district's public school system it shows 70.9% of students in D C high schools graduated in four years in the 2019 2020 school year. That's compared to 68.2% during the previous year. Project to rehabilitate the 90 year old Arlington Memorial Bridge has been going on for two years. But it's about to end. Interior Secretary David Bernard is that a ceremony right now reopening all six lanes in both sidewalks at $227 Million Project was finished earlier than expected. It was supposed to wrap up early next year. A big step toward building a new.

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