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Right. Let's get back to the Dallas cowboys now by now. We know they're conundrum. They have three offensive stars with the desire to pay just two of them this year. It's a simple math problem but a complicated life problem for Steven Jones Jones in media yesterday day that Deck Mari and Zeke are all talented same. We've got three really good football players that we're dealing with. Keep in mind none of the three half super bowl ring so brian the cowboys big three just a little overrated. I don't think they're overrated. I think they're actually really good and sneakily. I think they have a good the chance of winning the N._F._C. East and that's taken a lot from the Philadelphia Eagles. We have a stack roster. I think when you talk about the N._F._C. East you're talking about a team that can run the football and play good defense offense to me. That's the recipe for success especially in the playoffs with all three then have all through all three of them have to have to be there now. When you compare the big three across the league eighty you're talking about mahomes? You're talking about hill and Williams they don't compare to them you talking about Aaron Rodgers Damian Williams and Davante Adams. They don't compare to them. You're talking about Tom Brady cattleman and Sony they don't compare it to them because those football teams score the football thirty plus points a game. The cowboys are twenty in the low twenty points as per game because they're winning team. They WANNA play great defense to run the football so it's hard to compare them to those high scoring football team so you think we'll see difference though with Keller Moore's the office coordinator there's talk about. He's GonNa let Dak air it out more. They got more motion before the snap right like do do you think they'll open it up and be more productive active off. I think they will open it up but you have to give the ball to your best player and he's behind the quarterback. That's Ezekiel Elliott when he gets in camp. He's the best player he's going to get another season season three hundred plus touches. He's going to have another season. He's GonNa catch sixty plus balls. He had seventy seven last year. He's a very good receiver. Obviously he's a great running back you. You have to give that man. The ball offense changes very much. Here's what I think I think they're underrated all right now. I'm not saying they're the best big three in the League but look Dak Jack Prescott the athletic just did their story where they pull fifty five executives and coaches that press cots ranked seventeenth among quarterbacks a tier three quarterback back C._B._S.. Sports SL DOT COM the.

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