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Well either way. This is where the discipline comes in. This is where the discipline comes now. This whole training ground practices for the journey series is a series about spiritual disciplines. Okay that's what this is all about. That's what Ed told us last week. We have to be intentional about these things. If we're not we're going to lose them and if you're like me with the prayer if I don't take some time it put it in my schedule. Who Gone the things I'm doing right GonNa be with me? I'm out follow so get some intentional moments. This was really driven home to me in the movie. A Beautiful Day in the neighborhood. So if you didn't know if you haven't seen it if you haven't heard the story in a Beautiful Day of the neighborhood is about a reporter from esquire magazine. Who is writing an article about Fred Rogers and so he comes to interview him right? If I don't know how much research what you know about Fred Rogers. But he was notoriously. You're in a bad interviewer. And the reason he was so bad at it because he didn't want to tell you about his life as much as he wanted to know about yours and so he was constantly asking the interviewer about his life. So this guy is frustrated at this point I mean he's super frustrated it so he's standing there in front of a theater. He just walked out and Fred Rogers out greeting some kids right fans and he's in. The report is standing there with Joann Rogers Fred's wife and he says to her Scott for real for real. Is he like this all the time she was. What lean Mister Rogers? Is he like this all the time or is this a character he plays. He's like this all the time now. He struggles goals. You know just like you and me. He's human he gets frustrated. He gets angry but he works at added every day. Every day swims laps every day. He reads scripture everyday today. He praised for people by name. Can you imagine being on Mr Rogers prayer list. I'm like come on like Gods. Listen even closer. I think that's when it hit me. Prayer is an intentional disciplined. That you do because you love guy you love people you love this world so if you struggle with or you don't upstream. Downstream doesn't matter is vital that you spend time in the presence of the Almighty talking listening and letting him open you up to what's going on around you in the world. Yeah so the question still remains the most ancient one that the disciples asked Jesus. How do we do that we could add? How do you do that? In the twenty first century will remember. I told you that I had a lot of things a lot of tools in my toolkit. Yeah Yeah I've tried a lot of prayer stuff guys a lot of it because I've been trying to find the right one the right rhythm right so I've got a lot to now. I'm not a tool guy. I've got some tools I've inherited from a grandfather. I've got some tools that I use but I'm not a tool guy. Those of you. That are thank you. You're awesome. Okay I've been to carry Jones's he's tons of tools. He always shows me now. Just picking okay. But I've been to other guys like this but I've seen tools like you've you ever walked into somebody's garage if somebody shop and they've got all the cool toys right. They've got all the right stuff like I don't even know what the difference between seven sixteenths and eleven thirty seconds is what what those around things that you stick on socket I think okay but but guys like that like they and they all look at all this stuff look at all this stuff and they can tell you my favorite is is there like Whoa. This does this. This is an guys like me go. What's that for? Oh it's for this. Oh how about that. Works really good. No idea right so I've got some tools and I took it. I'm inviting you into my garage. I want to share a few of them with you. And hopefully you'll core about some intentional time and you'll you'll you'll do what Jesus was talking about. Start a conversation with the creator of the universe. Yeah so here's the one of the first ones I use. It's a prank through the prank. Through the Lord's prayer is pretty straightforward. And simple you just break it into segments write US news breaking into segments and as you break into segments you begin to pray in this way so our father. WHO's in heaven? Holy is your name you you worship and acknowledge his presence. I don't care if you turn on music re poetry. I don't care what you have to do. You do it just to acknowledge his presence and give him glory for do you what I have to do. Be Quiet quiet acknowledging his presence and preparing myself to listen yeah. I don't know what you need to do. Some time. Worshipping Him Giving Him glory being the Father Number. Two your kingdom come your will be done on earth as it isn't having you focus focus on the work. You're you're seeing God do in the world and you pray for it got thank you. I saw all this happened the other day. It's amazing. Thank you for that. Oh show me. I can't see see what's going on helped me see it. Yeah number three. Give us the day our daily bread and forgive us our debts. You shared with God your needs. This is the sweet spot for most of us. We're used to praying like this. Give Him your spiritual emotional physical needs. Yeah then you go to the number four as we as we also have forgiven our debts. Debtors ask him to help you become the answer to somebody's prayer. Talk with him about how you can work through you. Show me God. And then you pray. Lead us not into temptation in but livers from the one you ask for protection you ask him to guard you. Ask Him to make you aware of where those trials and temptations are coming from so that you can do something about it. Yeah pretty good tool if you want this. Don't worry I'M GONNA post it this week. Okay so so. If you've got a phone click right quick because we're going to change the right. They're ready change. This changes because I want to take you to. The second tool seconds will have my toolbox at one one of them. That really like the US. Okay it's called the x men anybody ever had so google this and you're gonNA find it. It's a very ancient gay. It goes it goes to the early days of the Catholic Church and beyond okay he goes. It goes into the desert fathers. This is A. This is a very old prayer. I've tweaked it a little bit. This is the way I use it. Okay but it's really simple. You take your day and you begin by thinking about your day you think through your day and as you think through your day you notice I number one. Ask God to make you aware of the moment you were most grateful for that day. Be still until you you come to it and then when you come to it. Thank God for simple number two. Ask Guide to make you aware of the moment you release grateful for that day. Be still until you come to it and then lay that moment got feet and then number three. Ask God to make you aware of the lessons from each moment home at that. He wants you to learn. Be still until you can think of it and then number four. Thank God for being present in your life one of the things that this little disclaimer at the bottom I put I usually journal this stuff. I usually write this stuff down because it helps me and then it also gives me notes. I go find somebody that trust a mentor of friend and talk this stuff through in a start realizing what God hottest teaching me. This some of my Cairo's moments have come from those of you. That understand what I mean when I say that with me a tool number to take a quick picture if you want a posted online this week. Here's a third tool I use. I like it when there's corporate prayer having been knowing that I'm praying with you. All as a church helps me a tremendous amount. It's like ahead this unspoken accountability right so like we have a conversation that we can have about. And you can hold me Combo and you didn't even know you were doing. Yeah and so. We're actually going to do this. Church this is going to be an initiative of our church in twenty twenty is. We're GONNA start praying weekly. We're going to provide a prayer guide. Okay weekly weekly. We're going to provide a prayer guide and you're going to pick it up at the information desk. Starting next week you'll also be able to pick you'll be able to get this online both on our website and and were posted on all of our social media spots twitter facebook and instagram. And what we're going to ask you to do is we're going to shoot a cover. BCC in prayer all all day. Monday our hope is if we all begin to pray for. BCC on Monday will cover the whole day in prayer. Yeah and what we'll do with this prayer guide is this will be your prayer prompt. You may you may not need it. And that's quite okay. But this isn't this we're going to provide this for you so that you have to pray and then we're going to ask you to take thirty minutes. We ask you to take thirty minutes in prey on Monday for BBC. We also have have the prayer room. The per room has been open for last few years upstairs right upstairs. Here's right off the youth rim behind the media booth here. You're welcome to come to that. It's open from seven to nine on Mondays. And you can come and pray Wayne's Daigle Tony Right bill will be there some of you all were participating in that those people always be there. If you need some prayer you WanNa pray you can come.

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