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And treat them as the athletes they are. And I mocked out and did the unpleasant work and then got to ride cross country. I rode a horse who was a complete psychopath and I honestly Lucy, we were coming to a wall fence, and I was at the back of the field as per usual. And everybody else was jumping in. And I was like, oh no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no. And I just closed my eyes. And fair plate of the horse he just took over and he did it. Because I was like, this isn't going to work. But I never saw a horse mistreated in that manner or in that way. I never witnessed that. So. I don't know what I'm more disappointed with. The people who are blindly and you are not one of those people. Let me make that very, very clear. Lucy Russell Hughes is not one of the people who is defending him. But I don't know what I'm more disappointed with. The people who are blindly defending Mark Todd and liking comments on social media. Here's more context. Here's a longer video where he hits the horse more. This shoot educates you into what was going on. That's not good. All right, it doesn't make it look better. It just makes it look worse and you look worse for defending him. And the people who have look worse for defending him. But particularly when these are the same people who were calling for the head of a trainer last year. It doesn't make sense. And does that argument? Because I could claim it as my own, but that would be very unfair. Matt's argument that Gordon's actions were with the horse who was no longer alive and therefore it was just, it was a stupid thing for him to do, but that horse couldn't feel. He couldn't feel any pain. And the owner didn't pull horses from him. In fact, the owner is leaving the game and yet bought three new horses to give him. But this source is alive. And so this horse can feel the pain. Does Matt Polly's argument make sense to you? A little, yeah. I mean, they're both they're both wrong in their own ways, aren't they? I think one of the fact that cornelli is such a big name, I know that Mark told us a big name as well, but obviously the video was what he was doing in his equestrian discipline, not horse racing. So I wonder whether it might have been a different story if it was more horse racing related if you see what I'm saying because I think that might have had more of an uproar. I'm not entirely sure, but I think they're both they're both wrong. What they've done. So yeah, as you say, there seems to be more of a bigger reaction for the golden Elliott case, but I don't know why. I mean, obviously, Cornell, it's very big name. And obviously both what they both done is not good. So yeah, as you said, there's a different reaction, isn't there slightly to one than the other? I'm disappointed with people who have defended them. And I'm disappointed with the people who are in the background laughing. Yeah. Incredibly disappointed in that. I thought that was just shameful shit. I really love some. You people need to take a long hard look at yourselves. It's very disappointing. It's extremely disappointing. Well done to the BHA, this stepped in very quickly. And gone, right? In terms of suspension and I would imagine it will be at least a year. If it's not, you'd have to ask some questions, but I would imagine it would be at least a year. And look at how Gordon went away for 6 months because he got a year banned 6 months suspended and look at how he's come back. And bounce back and. The achievements that he has had the season, and you can see he's building his horses up to Shelton quite nicely. They're coming up nicely to the boil. He's been a champion trainer at the cheltenham festival before. He was warmly welcome back to Shelton at the October meeting and the November meeting. He was warmly welcome to America. Carrie Bryan told us, by the way, the McQueen doesn't run in the marathon due to COVID reasons. So Carrie won't be running the horse, but we'll talk to Carrie again about the American jumps racing scene over there because there'll be a few hours trainer setting over. So we'll chat to her. But the current plan is to bring the mean queen over in 2023. So for COVID reasons, they had to make a decision and they couldn't go. Tiger roll ugh. Michael and Larry has decided not to allow him to run in the 1 million pound grand national. Describing mister Greenwood, who is the handicapper, describing the racing he put him on, which is a mark of one 6 one, two pounds higher than when he won the grand national last in 2019. As absurd, since we are responsible for the welfare of Tiger roll, we must protect him from the idiotic opinion of this handicapper in a bizarre twist. The BHA have come out and defended Andy capra, they normally don't do that. But he says, look, he's 12 years of age. He's clearly not as good as he was. 8 or 9, and yet the UK handicapper now raid some two pounds higher than he's won 5 9 rating in April 2019 when he won the point hurdle and the grand national. The rating is absurd. It's unfair on 12 year old and it's a pity that the handicapper won't give Tiger roll either a fair rating or a waste at the grand national where he could at least try to emulate red rum's three grand national wins. I don't know whether he's just copied the rent from last year and adjusted it a little bit. But this is sort of a similar symbolism here. Right or wrong. Lucy. Well, what are you asking me if his decisions right? I suppose they should clarify that a little bit, yeah. Michael O'Leary, right or wrong. I mean, I'd say wrong because if he was my horse, I'd be doing things differently. I mean, Emmett, the only way you're going to change your mark is if you actually run in chase races and how many how many chase races has he actually participated in since his last grand national victory, not two. Straight.

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