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Work at your agency never stops and at lidos we stop at nothing to help you complete your mission Our 43,000 employees use technology engineering and science to help make the world safer healthier and more efficient we are driven by the impact and legacy of our work for the generations to come Choose lidos and let solve something important together More at lidos dot com slash solve LAI DOS dot com slash solve It's the holiday season folks and with actual places to go and people to see this year you need a connection that'll keep you covered at home and on the go Luckily Xfinity Internet delivers reliable coverage at home an Xfinity mobile with nationwide 5G included covers you everywhere else Plus you can save up to $400 a year on your wireless Bill so the only thing you'll need to worry about Long time no see Is remembering what your Friends look like It's me Right How's that hobby and or job you have Get started with Xfinity Internet for 29.99 a month for 24 months with a one year contract Plus save up to $400 a year on wireless when you add Xfinity mobile go to a Xfinity dot com call one 800 Xfinity or visit a store today Requires paperless billing an auto pay and one ten 22 Restrictions apply new performance pro Internet customers only Equipment taxes in these extra and subject to change After terms regular rates apply Compares optimize pricing of top carriers Xfinity Internet required It's 7 36 even though there are three monoclonal antibody treatments for COVID only one of them works against a Macron That's why Maryland is advising healthcare providers to conserve it because it is in short supply across the country So the treatment is being reserved for those 65 and older or for people who are immunocompromised Meantime metro wants to keep you safe by making sure it's workers are Starting January 10th unvaccinated employees need to be tested every four days and put their results in the agency's portal This is a change It used to be a demand for weekly testing Metro says the twice weekly tests are because of the explosion of omicron cases in the region and within the metro family Workers who don't comply will be punished and possibly fired Keep it here on W TOP will take a look at traffic and weather next And of course it's Christmas Eve which means we are following the man in the red suit Yes him Santa Claus and right now a Santa is traveling to Palmer station which if you pull out a globe is in Antarctica like the western part sort of south of cape horn at the tip of South America He's already been to the South Sandwich Islands so that's not too far away relatively speaking And boy he'll be there in less than two minutes We'll be following this all night.

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