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Some of Hollywood's most famous sets interviews from Sak raiders production designers directors and actors about creating the TV about their design. Inspirations stories that take from page to screen. Hello and welcome to decorating pages. I'm your host Kim. One up I am. I should say I'm your sick host Kim one up because Santa was good enough to bring my whole family colds and coughs this year. So the last five days of basically been a blur of little runny noses and Binging lawson space on the flex So sorry if my voice is a little off Has anyone watching lost in space on net flicks. I kinda I like it. I mean I binge it because I think the sets are so good. I mean the production value. I think of of these sentences I. I'm kind of fascinated that they're putting so much money into it because I don't find that the stories that could it's very simple if you're looking for a simple thing to binge that's it it's not I'm not I think every episode is going to get better and then it doesn't but then but then the lead you to think that the next episode is going to get better. They're good at that. I would say but I. I've binged that we binge that in the two days so yeah sick Sick with babies is on cool. I gotta say that but We're getting better. It's going to be fine so happy new year to everyone. And thank you again for all your support this year looking forward to a full twenty twenty of new episodes. GonNa try to get better at the social media postings and facebook updates. I'm really bad at that. I'm sorry and bad tooting my own horn. All I really do is the email blasts and I hope you're getting that if you want to if you not unsubscribe. I'm totally fine with that. I will not be offended But I'm really proud of all the interviews. We did this year and I'm so thankful that people have given their time to this and I'm learning from everyone and I hope you are too. I can't promise I won't screw up the audio again but I keep so you know so here is part. Two of my interview with set decorator David Smith and to be honest. The man has so much to say. And it's all Jim's all gems It was really hard to edit this interview. He had a wonderful career in TV and film and he's just gone strong in this interview. We get into some of his specific projects like his work on the his first film shop girl How worked with Nancy Meyers on the holiday. Which I'm sure you might have Even watched this holiday season working with the same people the same production designer for twelve projects. Which that's that's a milestone in itself that's unbelievable and Working on locations for films like the last holiday and Vampires apprentice. He got his first computer in two thousand six. I'm not joking so get ready for that. He's also been working as an additional set decorator on projects like ARGO. Gone Girl Vice and unbelievable So we talk about how to construct the work with the other decorator and Dividing up the project talks a lot about budgeting and working deals with prop houses and Working budget with the producer which it's a give and take with budget with budgets in our in our field. I mean it's tricky because there's variables at sometimes you can't control location work or how many days are gonNA shoot the sets and you have to budget for that. And it's real numbers that they the producers you know need to have so that's that's always a tricky thing in in our profession and I hope you enjoy. Let me ask you this. You did twelve fourteen films with Bill Arnold right you did recently dirty grandpa lovely little fuckers crazy stupid love. Shaq girl not and nine others. I mean can you talk about like working with someone? That much No no not not at all I I I. I met bill He was Janine Open Lawns Art Director and he did he was from Chicago. Are HE WORKED IN CHICAGO IN FROM CHICAGO? He and his wife came out here But I I met him because we did the pilot in the early nineties of La Law. I mean I'm sorry. L. A. Confidential and J heart and both Rosemary. Brandenburg HAD RECOMMENDED ME TO BILL. And he's named dropping other decorators was recommend you well only because. I think that's how we all got that's how we get jobs and that's one asset to being an. Sds is that that you got to know people and people you know. Yeah absolutely and we don't really often work together as decorators. It's beginning to happen a little bit more now which is good but anyway so so I met bill on and we did a pilot and be hit it off and then I think we might have done one other pilot and then we did the first film that we did together with shop girl which I love which was fabulous experience. Nazi Martin. Really the you know. It was really interesting. Because Steve Martin was producer on that as well as having written the the Novella and Based on his real life But he I think he was very compartmentalized while was doing this and so he was the actor of we saw it none of his other hats where being Lorne during this And we had a really interesting director by the name of an an tucker and It was Nice. It was just a really nice experience in town and You know the story was written for socks and sacks win didn't WanNa play ball I mean on Neiman. Marcus didn't want it was written for Neiman. Marcus because she worked at the glove counter at Neiman Marcus theoretically in the story and Neiman didn't WanNa play and so he ended up shooting at Saks and we took over the second the men's department and we turn that into the the formal the gowns area and where the shop counter was. It was fairly short. Time is maybe thirty days thirty five days and not as huge budget practical much many locations just changing. Yeah we built. We built We built the tour bus We did and we did that. The cabin or the sleeping area of that But most of it was location work. Yeah Yeah Yeah so. That was your first. That was my first movie and then the next movie I and and at that time I had just from. I done a TV show and It was shutting down and I bought one of the apple computers on that and I bought Orange Clam Shell and so I had that. That was the first time that I had a computer. And when we finished shop girl he said to me our next movie which is good to hear a designer. Our next movie You gotta get a better computer. The next movie that we did was a movie. Called last holiday Queen Latifah and It ended up shooting For Twenty twenty some odd days in New Orleans and then we went to the Czech Republic And the show had originally been written it it. It was an adoption of another movie And the script had been written for East La and Switzerland and so because of tax credits We did it here. I mean we went to New Orleans at for L. A. And change the location to La. And then we went to the Czech Republic and that was great fun. Good time no no but but I but I got a new computer and I got. I got a smartphone. I got a new phone and I got a digital camera. Well I mean I'm looking at. It was two thousand six Bert. You're really I was slow. Slow where are you still using? Polaroid's what we do know one hour photo one hour photo I know and then half hour photo and then it would be like print never the younger and you go through in cartridges. Like a dozen a day and ridiculous and then I know I'm going to skip over to ask about the holiday dishonesty about the staircase murders. All I have was obsessed with that documentary and all of the little updates and everything. So did you get to meet Michael now. No he was imprisoned out so much I didn't know if he had any sort of like input or anything. No no in fact I think they walked on a little bit eggshells. I saw the documentary and I thought we're going to do a dramatized version of it because the documentaries pretty scary and really good but The documents are staircase murders happened.

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