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President Trump's television lawyer Rudy Giuliani says he'll travel to Ukraine shortly to meet that nation's newly elected president. Now, that's about the only thing that straightforward in tangled story of twenty twenty politics and former vice president Biden three sixties indicate now with the strange Roadman all I want to Ukrainian government to do is investigate. And don't let these people buffalo you Rudy Giuliani has questions and he's hoping to find the answers in Ukraine drawing, yet another foreign nation into a US election. The president's lawyer wants to know whether or not Joe Biden used his political power is vice president to shut down investigation into Ukrainian company, his son hunter, Biden was working with big story or two dramatic story. And I guarantee you Joe Biden will not get to election day without this being investigated. It will be a massive scandal. Giuliani says he stumbled upon the Biden story while investigating Democrats alleged efforts to spread misinformation about Trump he claimed to CNN that in two thousand sixteen as part of a broad anti-corruption push by the US, then vice president Biden pressure the Ukrainian government to oust its top. Prosecutor. He claims that prosecutor was investigating Ukrainian company called barista holdings, a natural gas company, which Biden son hunter was on the board of after that prosecutors removal Ukraine's new prosecutor dismissed the case against the company. There is no evidence that Joe Biden acted improperly. In fact, Bloomberg reports the Ukrainian government's case against barista. The company had been dormant since two thousand fourteen that would have been two years before Biden push to remove the prosecutor Giuliani told the New York Times which first reported the story, he's not meddling in an election. But he's met. Meddling in an investigation, which he said he has the right to do. He claimed there's nothing illegal about it. And this isn't foreign policy Giuliani says he's planning to visit Kiev to dig deeper his efforts to entangle yet another foreign nation in our elections isn't lost on those in Washington investigating the president come to a very sorry state when it considered okay for an American politician never mind, an attorney for the president to go and seek foreign intervention in American politics Giuliani is also calling for the department of Justice to investigate Biden and says the president agrees, but if the goal in all of this is to damage Biden's campaign. The candidate hardly seems bothered the Biden campaign referred CNN to a statement it had given to the New York Times claiming Biden acted on Ukraine without any regard for how it would or would not impact his sons business interests. Randi Kaye, C N N New York still head another community, grieving after another mass shooting a brave young man killed eight others wounded, they aren't the only victims their families and friends are now living with grief that you can imagine we want to introduce you to a couple coming up who know their pain. And now make it their mission to help survivors find the purpose and strength to live what they call their new normal. And it's a story. You don't wanna miss next. Remember to create an ad like this one visit pure winning dot com slash CNN..

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