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So it's you know, they have checking accounts and stuff, but also any investment account. Right. Right. Yeah. That that counts toward that seventy five thousand so you can bring in if you haven't can't with fan guard transfer that over I think, no retirement accounts is one of the few restrictions there. There's one caveat. You wanna keep in mind, which is this sixty thousand point bonus is taxable. So. So you will be getting a form in you'll have to you know, take that into account. I think one good thing in this is that chase only values the points at one cent apiece. So sixties say you're in what a thirty percent tax bracket on sixty six hundred dollars. There are different ways you can value those points. But so not as easy as credit cards for sure. But if you're looking for one of these banking products with low fees, you could save money on on having this Southwire banking account. So it could make sense for people out there who have the money and know how to use a points if you could talk directly to the head of chase product and say, I want you to improve your product in twenty nineteen it was specifically to ultimate rewards. What would you like to see? I like to see more bonus categories groceries would be a good one. I think of the my chase. Sapphire. Reserve is might go to card for all traveling dining, which is huge because those are two huge spending categories for me. But we've seen the competition heat up so much with MC schooled for dining with AmEx platinum for flights with five x on flights. So I would like chase to push it. One step further. Anyway, sarah. Thank you so much for having us talking all things chase. And I wish you the safest travels on your g journeys. That's all for this episode of talking points. Thanks again to Kristen Leme, call who chose great leadership and our role as CMO of chase. But also through her work with the gun safety alliance. And thanks again to our silver who's a huge asset on our editorial team. Again, I'm your host Brian Kelly and this episode was produced by Caroline shea grin. And Jessica Rodney with editing by Ryan gave us

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