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Of the appropriations committee a what do some the university right we read that era balkan envoy book big agenda yeah yeah you know i certainly out of of its electoral as political diversity right from the faculty they donors sorry conservative go over public at book oh may laura this book and appropriations jack up the phone occurred of uh well i will say chang's mayors are you i start on your oxygen to right right let me ask you another question the question is why don't we can do that the republican lives a real sign there were there were there are cervo love your show their worst trump yes now why you are people are will become warming over there's ever guy other such there also per the laura scott walker also fighters oh they're toxic you're a book i i like walker live yeah he he's he's new no litter coast speech is skin soft but he does carry a big cheers good vote republicans gator speak loudly now right we've got up person working on the legislature uh now to tell him about the onesided agenda that the university has he in lawyer but most wife barrack obama k twelve school because their school education uh the most left parts of the university of hs chen doctrine age right i i i'm not in my book bringing jobs back to discuss what you need is a code of ethics for k twelve i think walls advocate i only side of a controversial issue i've georiga who are on the web but the main news rank and file republicans have to get you uh i wish represented us to be a russia and doing they well we have the opportunity you know it seems to me that the democratic party wasn't always against america like it is now and but they've they've changed haven't day started with a governing campaign going on for a very long time john f kennedy or is born say liberal i gotta tell okay i guess we're going to have to take a short break we'll be right back.

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