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We've talked about with the dolphins for the past couple of years. He's a homegrown superstar When a contract signed five years seventy two million dollars He is the number five. Paid cornerback in the nfl was will point number one Cap pits after this year of two million in one million Yearly cash is twelve twelve and twelve going through twenty twenty four You know this is for guys. A second round pick who showed out Obviously signed byron jones opposite him last year to sort of accentuate the the rebuild their I think i think the dolphins need to do everything they can to to keep him. Because this this would reset the timetable. I understand by the way byron jones. Fourteen million dollars this year right. But i understand the need to I they will get offers. They will get legitimate office especially even if they have to the team they get some has to renegotiate. You still want one of the best quarterbacks in football. Yeah but i feel like the dolphins. I know this is going to sound crazy because we're all with a long game here the nfl show. I don't think you can get. You're not going get fair value. You're going to get the two first round. Picks thing that everybody else gets for superstars in this league or one. I shot picking a bunch of twos or whatever but the dolphins. I expect a lot out of the dolphins fisher and xavi howard needs to be a part of that and i don't i understand like you know if we're going by the ballot check value thing here and he wouldn't deal saving howard yet deals avian howard two years from now and so. I would do everything i can to Put a band aid on this and just gets avian howard to to not have a trade request and just get him happy. Yeah i mean so. Saving howard has more at the pinnacle of his career at this point. Then stefan gilmore vitus into similar defenses. There's there's a slightly similar situation going on and one thing that i found myself thinking about is okay. Yes bill bell. Jack for example. And that's someone who. Brian florez learned from to a degree doesn't like to sort of capitulate to antics. Whatever not saying that. That's that's what david howard's actions amount to also note saying that that's what gilmore's actions amount to it's a fallacy that that's not sort of. That's just a blanket. Application even in these very sort of results oriented no-nonsense locker rooms. It matters who you are matters. The star power of the player and particularly matters how much the team can sort of compensate for your absence right. And so a in that defense. Particularly a shutdown like incredible man coroner basically unlocks what the rest of the defenses is trying to do. It's really really really hard to do that. If you're not getting high level play there in a way that in that system bacon scheme pressure they don't need you know world-beater defensive they can figure that out. It's not that they wouldn't like to have them but they can figure that stuff out right now. The way that those defenses are playing is predicated on really really good secondary play and particularly having one of the better quarterbacks and football at least one so i see a little bit of a correlation where yes obviously neither one of those teams in the business of doing stupid stuff but you do have to recognize who the player is not just in terms of where they fall in as best in their position. Top five whatever but what that role means to the defense team as a whole and i think that gives both of those players you know just a little extra shot a leverage because things would look really really different without them i i. It's funny because it's both those things because you know in some in some teams all. We really need an athletic linebacker They can you know unlock when we're nickel right but it's pretty obvious that all thirty teams would want saving our Ten interceptions last year. I burst antonio commodity to do that. This next gen stats since two thousand..

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