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Know you told me the nutrition research, journal in its July Two thousand twelve issue revealed that green tea significantly increased. Plasma antioxidant activity and whole blood glutathione can you recap some of these headlines and tell me why. You're such a green tea advocate okay what you just, said about increasing plasma antioxidant activity is. Really critical there are many antioxidants that people consume that don't actually wind up in, the body, or they don't wind up in the body in any significant amount the green tea antioxidants which we know are among the most highly beneficial antioxidants in. The entire world are very well absorbed they improve, plasma antioxidant activity that is the blood concentration of. Antioxidants so what happens, is you get this great concentration of antioxidant substances which are, protective compounds floating around in the body and protecting? The cells of your body your organs every part of your body From premature destruction. Due to exposure to environmental pollutants and things in the diet with regard to the whole blood. Glutathione when we take in the right antioxidants and not all antioxidant compounds are the right anti-oxidants? Our. Bodies produce more of its own super protective compound called glutathione so. You take in the green tea extract you build the antioxidant activity in your blood and you also cause your body to produce this enormously beneficial very. Well studied very powerful, protective substance called glutathione so it is remarkable this isn't something that most high antioxidant foods or supplement. Ingredients do but it does. Happen with a concentrated properly made green. Tea extract all right let's switch gears and talk about this curcumin which is number two on your list by the way these three ingredients are all found, in the, new green tea combo form We're gonna be offering a free. Bottle in a few minutes but talk to me about the curcumin, which is spelled c. u. r. c. u. m. i. n. now most people haven't heard of it but scientists and researchers know it's one of the most powerful superfoods on the planet it can positively influence our DNA maintain joint comfort healthy inflammation and more can you share some. Of the incredible headlines on curcumin and tell us why you.

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