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Challenge you guys come up with something that really it seems impossible to get the audio that can play specially nam it's not as easy to pick up what's going on to to grasp the nature of the threat from donald j trump and from kim jongil like you would be engulfed in fire flames von flames licked q in here you and your dad's slowly a pain like you've never had pain before and then in the guy respond you will but die engulfed in flames in fury that you've the world the likes of which the world has never seen way keep up each other's is how do we put this into sound and so executive producer kick chris came up with this which to me sounds like a truck filled with bamboo sticks that they open at the back of a truck in the bamboo sticks such as falling out in rolling down the street vamba sticks she says well chris it's it's am radio the flame has so rosh came up with this about away a stop for second we we there was a listener whose mad at me for playing sound effects for entire soundbite member for entire segment number that he said you lost me i tuned out david something was his name what if we tune in again tonight at the same message at the same time but you know but what if he turns its ninth i'll give chris crocodile a chance any here's the same a say when we come back i'll like a proud parent i'll play raj patel his he he puts up that he got that he thinks really encapsulates the threat of the trump and john own back and forth firefight here by the way our we've done a hairdo swap with trump in kim dongmoon on facebook on the prescribed show you've got to see it it's hysterical blowing up baby join in and share well you know i'm a member of texas law shield and i have been for over two years now i will not go one day without the coverage but as if you'll things you need to know first of all selfdefence starts physically as a gun on her but it ends legally do what i did join the nation's number one firearms.

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