Tulsa, Oklahoma Army National Guard, President Trump discussed on Lee Mathews



We are going to ensure that those individuals have those rights that's our our constitutional right to be able to do so and we want to make sure that that is done in a peaceful manner he says the eyes of the world are on Tulsa and he says we are ready for it the Oklahoma Army National Guard is confirming that the governor is activated two hundred fifty Oklahoma Army National Guard members to help local law enforcement this weekend for the president's rally in Tulsa they will work at the direction of the highway patrol and a statement says they will supplement police in the event of rioting that leads to the potential for loss of life or property house democratic leader Emily virgin is calling for more federal co bid funding in response to the large crowds expected Saturday in Tulsa for the president's campaign rally she says health officials warned the event could have dire consequences and has the central to overwhelm hospital capacity she says the additional funding is needed to be proactive and to ensure the state can recover from any fallout a campaign is now underway to raise ten million dollars to rebuild and preserve the historic Greenwood district in Tulsa where black owned businesses thrived before they were destroyed in nineteen twenty one following the Tulsa race massacre Dr Freeman colder is president of the Greenwood chamber of commerce I am announcing rebuilt Greenwood the original black Wall Street campaign national campaign to restore Wall Street let Wall Street he says the money raised will be used to improve the historic district and provide ongoing resources to businesses an inmate doing time for murder at the Davis correctional facility in Holdenville has been charged with running a massive drug trafficking operation out of his prison cell for more than two years prosecutors say thirty three year old Richard leroy used contraband cellphones to recruit people on the outside to help them acquire and distribute large amounts of methamphetamine and heroin the former mayor of actually Oklahoma is going to federal prison for two years forty two year old David north cut has been sentenced in federal court for stealing guns from the town police department he confessed to using a key to unlock the evidence room and stealing guns cash and drugs he told police at the time that he had a meth addiction he also said he was four months behind on his mortgage prosecutors say that he pawned the guns and use some of the money to gamble at.

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