President Trump, Governor Jared Polis, FBI discussed on The Afternoon News with Kitty O'Neal


I'm daring Aldinger getting 100 Million Americans vaccinated against Cove in 19 would be an ambitious goal with any timeline. Today. President elect Biden repeated his promise to do it in his 1st 100 days in office, invoking the Defense production act to get it down and expand the pool of medical professionals, including retired health care workers. We could administer the vaccine and to ensure we have enough vaccinators to meet the nation's need. The president elects pledges covered 19 deaths worldwide Top two million and the nation's governors react to work that a government stockpile of additional promised doses is empty, so called reserve supply of Corona virus vaccine doses promised to the states won't be shipped. Because it turns out there aren't any left ours. Reaction from governors across the country. Colorado Governor Jared Polis, I come before you extremely disappointed that we were lied to with plans of the administration to release Reserve doses that were to be the second doses of the vaccine. Expecting more vaccine states. One ahead Expanding eligibility to seniors. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo eligibility opens up the supply actually comes down. The stockpile, which was being held for second doses was shipped out last month. Dave Packer ABC News The Pentagon says up to 25,000 National Guard members will now be in Washington, D. C is part of the stepped up security surrounding the inauguration. The FBI and other federal authorities are looking into Mork. Faces. Meanwhile, in connection with last week's attack on the Capitol, identified more than 270 suspects involved in criminal activity in and around the capital. The FBI, Stephen Don't Wanna One of them concerns Jacob Chan's Lee, the self described Q and on shaman who was photographed inside the Capitol, wearing a fur hat with horns and carrying an American flag on a spear prosecutors, one of held with no bail for allegedly leaving a threatening letter to vice president Pence on the Senate Diess You're listening to ABC news..

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