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Oh my gosh. And i feel like that's more than enough. I'm just not cut out for running. I am just starting the training for another half with my daughter and every single time it feels like it's impossible and that i'll never even be able to make mile. But i always i been here enough times before that. I know that somehow happens which is kind of a nice little metaphor for life. Coaching as well. I mean it is. It is for sure for sure 'cause marathoning half marathon in whatever it is you. Don't start out running thirteen miles twenty miles twenty six. You don't do that. And i've heard you talk about your training. You start out with ten minutes or up to twenty. You do the run walking Little pivots that add up over time. And that's what gets you there. It's beautiful castle for all kinds of changes in it is and it also is kind of a metaphor for i've always. I've been warning my daughter about this. Like if you take too much time off like if you if you think that oh cool. I'm up to ten miles. I got this. I mean. I'm a runner. You take a week off and it's almost like starting scratch again. And so i kind of feel like that is a similar thing to where we get kind of cocky and we think oh we got this figured out. It's kind of like my son who's always like. I don't need to keep taking my allergy medicine. Because i feel good. I'm like roka good but it isn't incredible metaphor for life. It is keep plugging along and it just makes no tired take. There's a there's a mantra and running that is consistency is more than volume and though stuck with me it's like it's all or nothing thinking that we talk about all the time where you know if i can't i can't do the shouldn't do can't do whatever and and and just tonight i had..

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