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Person on football anyway. Regardless. He's also gay. Okay, yeah. I think it was black. I'm just putting that out there. Lincoln? Yeah. I'm a sepia. I didn't know he was your grandma and telling you everybody black. And she was not right, okay? Lincoln was not. No, no, no, no. He was always in the dress, you know? And I just thought, maybe he was black. Oh, my God. I love this person. I love the idea of going back through. It's a very, what's that guy? Yakub. No, no, no. It's very hot temp. It's a very special king George. Okay. And Andy learned a lot about hot tips and it's just so funny when he'll say something where I'm like, everyone's in a while. I'll bring out yakub. Yeah, you know, they talk about yakub. Jacob. 'cause it's the best kept black secret. Everything on black Twitter gets consumed on TikTok and everywhere else or whatever, but no one can understand who temporary but black people, we've kept it a secret. When we're like Queen, don't drink that milk. You have your period. Like, no one understands it, but us. And we've kept it a secret and I'm proud of us. Ryan now you know. Don't tell lift your family. Don't tell other people, Brian. Now.

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