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Said where's dan gilbert he's right outside grab him he's right outside dan gilbert just came in he's from basketball he's looking for a good basketball player somebody in the room said tell him we are not from cleveland john how in the world are you explain his in by the way is dim gilbert a minority honoring the cubs no i mean this is like a peter guber situation where gruber is part owner of the dodgers and partowner the warrior right so you could see a situation like that but i don't know why and in but these these substitution these visits the white house that they're doing outside of the press pool i think one of the reason they're doing that they had the cubs there today at one of the reasons are doing that is it's become so politically incorrect out of the white house to see trump because it with enough people think you're making a political statement so now they they're trying to me in these teams and they're saying look will have a celebration for you but we're not gonna let the press in you know it it it it's completely up to you whether or not yet you go najat remember the republican national convention wasn't cleveland last year at quickenloans arena which is owned by dan gilbert i did a whole story on this last year and when i asked him as political belief didn't want to weigh in but he he he is he intimated that he's far more of a libertarian than knavs socially conservative republican yeah i but i don't know why he would have been there at that particular thing unless trump's just invite norman won one evil which is highly fossil fast track okay ramona there's a story in the new york post about a bride name caroline earlier and one of her bridesmaids named haley.

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