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Qadam at the fucking internet's down again this is not a great day jim carey talking about how tommy lee jones hates him jordin sparks welcomes our son i don't care deeply committed fan has three thousand three thirty thousand burger good for him i don't know what this is about oh shit cedar point pass dj evan rachel wood calls out dj khallid for not performing oral sex on women but does she really she say she does it and she likes it that's all she said to him you're missing out yeah way to go evan or whatever your name is twitter let's get out of that we're okay we're getting towards the end krista page yeah yeah i looked up crystalise page i wanted to see what he said to watch him and call it a ho fucking i watched that norman dominant view twice joe rogan normally did i tell you i was on a deep dive on donald norman donald and oj simpson norman donald michael jackson normal donald crushes j simpson norm donald's black jokes are fucking hilarious normal donald how much how bad was i on donald this weekend norm donald again we got so deep that i wanted to see what his kid looks like cameron hanes joe rogan that's a great fucking podcast oh great fucking podcast bill burs dumb quote of the week hop out of that fucking get out of google news that's pointless donald glover's videos cool shit cedar point's rotten you got a new ride pass.

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