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So obviously you not putting kirk their number two tom brady number three matt ryan number four big ben number five russell wilson number six drew brees number seven derek car i'll any any reason pause there a little bit i i loved derek car know saw him last year when they won twelve games i believe they won twelve let's assume that this is future slanted to check and see did they went twelve games honest year eleven or twelve right yopal were seven quarterbacks in we haven't heard andrew locks name it is that because of injury or because of quality uh i'm gonna say injury he didn't have a great year last year uh what are we a couple years removed from when he threw forty touchdowns he had the shoulder surgery metal offensive line is pathetic though okay what else do you have okay at their cars twelve m 424 jose are aged luck eight okay matthew stafford nine yup uk oh in number ten cam newton had an off here last year what do you think uh i'd like to see what happens with this new offense there he's got some new weapons there but i would take cam over a curt cousin current husband's with a seventy percent pass her last year cam newt was a fifty three percent yeah different types of quarterbacks different different styles different offenses there you don't cameras not that quickstrike quarterback wears kirk cousins is okay well okay and now at eleven they have kirk cousin so now we're gonna go the other way as starting with twelve and you tell me if any of these guys should go ahead of kirk cousins who is ranked eleven eliat wealth.

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