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I had people tweeting they're already like I'm triggered by this take it down. So I was like oh my God. So I'm texting you texting my family. I'm like, I don't want to trigger anybody. I'm not trying to offend anyone. But like if they just watched it and just understood like, it'll be okay. The best way. I think that we talked about it, though, is like you saying you wanted this to be a social experiment think of any other social social experiment that's out there. Even like the dove like fight like a girl thing it can be triggering. But when again when you take a step back, and you actually see that they're on your on everyone side. Yeah. You're on people's sides to be like, I'm sorry that you've had to deal with double standards as well. Yeah. So it's not so much like again, if if you watch it it just off, man. Thank you. It means a lot because you have such great content. So thank you. I really do mean that so yeah, that was a video that was it was a really interesting thing. I learned a lot I had so many, honestly, even like really close friends in my life that I've. More recently. But I didn't know that they've gone through weight loss struggles, I had one of my friends who's a his teacher reach out to me and say your video, I'm crying in the car. You know, it it hit home for me for how I used to feel about myself. I was like, oh, I had no idea. And so having all these people, you know, actually in my life and people Deming me their stories viewers and things like that. Like, it was the coolest thing to be able to just share my story, and what I've been going through and something that I was so scared to open up about and something that I actually would have never opened up about if it hadn't been for you and for this podcast to just change a lot of people's lives. Honestly like. So much bigger than it was for for me on this side. I've never dealt with a significant amount of weight. But I'm sure a lot of people can also relate with like I've struggled with body Dismore via and I I haven't lost that much weight. So I think for me what's hard is. You know, wanting to talk about that. And I would have loved to make a video about that. But huge reason why I haven't is because I know people are gonna be like girl, you're skinny like you're like, you're not fat. You're not you know, what I mean. And like, and then that goes back to what you're feeling is valid whether it's sticky. Your five hundred exactly what you want your video helped me, and I haven't been through a huge weight loss. But it helped me also realize like I can't win. So even if I was to make video about that. Like, I'm going to get those comments. Yeah. So, but there's a million other people out there like me who to who are very similar. So I think it's I don't know. I just think it was very inspired inspiring. And I was really proud of you for doing. And I love this episode just keeps coming back and forth. We referenced every other episode up until now too. But that's because it is just us talking about our lives. And no, and it's what we're dealing with right now, which is cool. And I think as crazy as like in six months, it's all going to be different stuff. You know? What's crazies? I listened to episode one yesterday as I was getting ready to listen. And again, like a song it brought me back to us being in the recording studio talking the day after we went to drag brunch. And. You guys I am so excited about this sponsorship right now because I've been seeing them all over YouTube, and I've been dying.

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