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To the handling of recent scandals by the management of the Portland timbers. I actually had a chance to speak with Madison today and she confirmed to me herc online reports that a timbers high ranking employee actually did call her father and asked her father to ask her not to wear the shirt. So we have that. Her reaction to this, the latest that we're hearing out of Portland. What I will say is the people of Portland deeply care about their team. Deeply. This will not go away for them. And we ran into a good amount of those Portland fans in Mexico City. At our the American outlaws. The Americans viewing party. And the response to the show was overwhelmingly positive. But one of the few things we always heard was thank you for your coverage of what's going on right now in Portland. Please continue that. So they're not going to go away and to forget and it's quite troubling some of the things we're hearing and you just hope that Major League Soccer and the people in Portland, the ownership group would come out and address some of these. Yeah. So I did have a chance, as I mentioned to speak with Madison on top of what I told you she confirmed. She also confirmed to me that that same timber's employee a high ranking team official questioned her about the decision to wear the shirt before she sang the national anthem. And she told me that she walked away from that conversation, convinced her that if she wore the shirt, she wouldn't be singing national anthem at timbers games. Let me just finish this because it's important. That's not what's happened. The timbers have invited her to come back and sing and they've also offered to have a meeting with her to further explain what's going on. And when I spoke with her, she said that she would be down to have that meeting. So that's the latest that we can give you. Yeah. Hopefully things get better before they get worse. But yeah. All right, that's it for us here on football Americas. We will be back on Thursday. Another edition of the show here on ESPN+ Kellen Acosta of LAFC in the U.S. men's national team scheduled to join us. And of course, as always, a final reminder. If you don't like looking at her face, which can get tiresome, can't get tiresome after a while. You can listen to this show. Not my eyelashes, people love my eyelashes. You can listen to this show and it's audio form via podcast. Check it out in the ESPN FC feed. That's my lipstick, bro, that's not lipstick. Flip flops..

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