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That's the toll free number of the Howie Carr show. We'll be joined in a moment by Corey Lewandowski. The the former campaign manager to the president. He's now involved with the the reelection campaign. He travels around with the president with Mike Pence a lot as well. And we'll be talking to them about the issues of the day. And I think we'll be talking some about the the the the attorney general and his trolling of Nance post today at the at the memorial for the slain peace officers at the capitol, and we'll also be talking about the new the new boss, the new deputy. I guess you might call him John Dharam from from Connecticut. The US attorney who is a familiar face here in Boston we handled one of the big corruption probes of the FBI here about the fifteen twenty years ago and that. Hell of a job. And I I actually last night. I was trying to I was trying to I talked to some of the people that he that used to work with him when he was here in this area. He he was he was operating out of Worcester out Boston because he wanted to stay away from the the courthouse as I mentioned last night on on Tucker Carlson show. And so I was trying to drive over to the studio to do the after the show to do Tucker show. And I I was trying to reach this guy who knew him very well, and he's a very conservative guy himself. And so I didn't get to him till today. And he said he said how a say John Durham is a great guy. And you know, the best thing about him. He's one of us and what he meant was a he's a very conservative guy. And you know, I I laughed that. I said, you know, maybe it's maybe it's just as well that I that I didn't I didn't get in touch with you because I might have gone. I might have been a little too a few sive in my praise and said, this is a guy who's really going to take. Off the gloves against against the deep state. And you know, this this this friend of Durham's thinks thinks that he's really going to have it in for as he called him Loverboy meeting. Peter Struck you know, Peter Struck is a is a. A despicable character on so many levels. But a he's he's really a small fish out the guy I want to get is is is Brennan and call me, and to a lesser degree Clapper, if we could go higher than that and get the, you know, Loretta Lynch or anybody or Valerie Jarrett that would be great too. But I, you know, I don't I don't know that call me. But I don't know that you know, it's going to be possible to go that far though, the Wall Street journalists speculating today that you know, that the only reason that they think Durham would pull his punches of this investigation is because the damage as they said that might be done to the US to the US image around the country around the world if it seemed that the that we're running a banana Republic here. And that that this is the way it goes yesterday. We had on we yesterday we had on the. Show. Rudy giuliani. And he said that he was set up to go in at the Ukraine. They were I don't know. How I I guess they were just trying to lure him over there to embarrass him. Or they were promising him information. They didn't have but he wouldn't he wouldn't elaborate. He wouldn't tell us who was trying to set them up. But apparently the guy that was trying to set him up. Is this guy named sir surge? Hey, sir. Hey, less chanko. And he's a member of the parliament in Ukraine, and he's a former investigative journalist, and he's a he was supposedly according to Nelly or he was one of the sources for for the fusion GPS dodgy dossier. So he's he's he's he's widely credited with publishing a so-called black ledger that purported to show the Paul Manafort, another former campaign manager of the the president received twelve point seven million dollars in illicit cash payments from the then. President of Ukraine, and despite everything else that Manafort has been has pleaded guilty to or been convicted of income tax evasion. Money laundering, it's cetera. He he has always denied that he had any kind of money laundering. So I I don't know it's, but that's that's that's the guy that was trying to lure Rudy over there. So so, yeah, we wherever trouble finding Corey Lewandowski. So we're just play. I I wanna play, you know, this guy Steven Bollock. He's the latest guy to to to join the democratic field. He's he's a all. I can say he's got a crooked should that. She that's the only way. I I know I know him he was in a fairly tight race for re-election for governor of Montana because Montana's a pretty red state and he's blue. So anyway, this is so he's he's at he's announcing yesterday's running for president. And you remember Ted Ted Kennedy with the Roger Mudd interview in nineteen seventy nine Roger Mudd asked him what he thought was a simple question. Why do you want to be president and Ted just went into total meltdown? Well, this was I I don't know was that this wasn't about booze or anything like that. Or having a, you know, a the memories of dead blonde in a pond. This was just the guy's brain froze up. This governor Steve Bullock. Being asked about his greatest accomplishments cut number nine. This, ma'am. Cheapest..

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