President Trump, Mike Pompeo, California discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Efforts are underway to gain some containment around a quickly, growing wildfire near, I'll wild California several hours east. Of LA firefighters say it was set by an arsonist and the height of a, heatwave on Wednesday a thirty. Year old man now in custody on arson charges ABC's Alec stone is in southern California today will be a. Tough, firefight yet, again it's. Hot it's dry there's a lot of active fire in the hills around Idyllwild a mountain town that is under. Mandatory evacuation. Orders right now the flames. Have been raging firefighters are hoping with the heat wave winding, down the Bill be able to gain. Some containment today, Cal fire reporting five homes have been destroyed more than three thousand acres burn the Associated Press reports that photos posted on Twitter showed a large amount of smoke outside the US, embassy in Beijing and what appeared to be police vehicles surrounding the building, in northeastern, Beijing Thursday afternoon Democrats, on, Capitol Hill Wednesday demanding to hear what. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo knows about what went on behind closed doors in Helsinki between President Trump and Putin Senator Tommy Udall of New Mexico asked to particular about the president's business interests and international hotel properties and possible connections to. Russian investors Were you were you, tasked with that she gave us, a list here to talk. About American foreign policy today I've attempted to articulate President Trump, all of business interests are entwined sir with our foreign policy secretary Pompeo acknowledged that he knows the content of elitist discussions but wouldn't say if the president's financial dealings came up United States and the European Union, have agreed. To work towards zero tariffs and zero subsidies on goods that do not, fall, into the, category of automobile says. President Trump we will also work, to reduce barriers and increased trade in services. Chemicals pharmaceuticals medical products as well as soybeans soy beans is a big deal President Trump outside the White House on Wednesday you're listening to ABC news McDonald's.

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