Texas, President Trump, Goldman Sachs discussed on Austin's Morning News


Businesses in Texas it hard by corona virus Goldman Sachs president John Waldron says they'll offer up that money is part of the five hundred fifty million dollar national relief efforts provide urgent cash flow systems and are designed to be partially or wholly forgiven if necessary criteria are met applications are now being accepted the loans which are a component of the federal paycheck protection program are intended to prevent layoffs and maintain payroll eleven people in Travis county now died from code nineteen also pubblico says their eight hundred fifty six cases this morning but a growing number of people are beginning to recover that number now up to a hundred and forty four and of the ninety three people currently hospitalized forty nine R. and I see you the first cove in nineteen related death in Hays county it's been confirmed officials say a woman in her eighties from buta has died fifty of Hays county's ninety three cases remain active forty two have made recoveries and one person is in the hospital only two new cases of covered nineteen added on the Williamson county's tally since yesterday that number now stands at a hundred nineteen was four deaths and sixty four recoveries and Bastrop county no do confirmations of any kind still twenty seven cases there and one death but hundreds of people in Bastrop county remain under investigation for possible symptoms the arch homeless shelter in downtown Austin now has its first confirmed case of covert nineteen Greg McCormick executive director for the nonprofit front steps which runs the arch shelter tells fox seven they've lessen the number of people allowed inside at night they're around a lot of folks sometimes in these experiments in close quarters and have trouble isolating he says the person who is infected as well as everyone who had contact with that person now isolated at a nearby hotel the downtown Austin's salvation army shelter clothes for cleaning sanitizing and rearrange beds to promote social distancing officials say that about a dozen people there of tested positive for corona virus and while the shelters being cleaned all people staying there have been placed in isolation elsewhere the Austin convention board addresses hotel occupancy the latest numbers now show Austin has only a three percent occupancy rate for hotels two percent less than it was last week a typically it's closer to eighty percent in April rates are also down by fifteen percent of the boards as Austin may not rebound back to normal levels for several years Austin six day grace period for rental properties maybe a reprieve for tenants but some landlords are really struggling to cover their own mortgage payments steward to please one of them he tells CBS Austin if the problem continues for longer than expected tenants are going to feel this unable to pay my payments and if I get foreclosed on by my bank my tenants get evicted isn't only about a third of his tenants so far paid their month are paid the rent for this month and he's worried both residential and commercial landlords may begin losing their properties and on Monday the city of Austin.

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