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What they do and they i'm sure wherever came on the other people had other characters that they probably created wanted to use eventually somebody with back to magic on so i wanted leave back to power pack in that not just the power pack in front of story but this was makes me think that we got we got a listener question about this as well whenever there was a pow there's a power pack tight in miles that i have gotten to the point where if we see the power pack coming up we hit the oh my god things are about to get really dark oh for heaven's sakes now when the cross when they cross over into the x men those are some of the darkest and most intense x men stories seemed to have the power pack as guests in that title to you you you know you're you're writing a book with thunder sending that going to be younger reading reader's reading it you're dealing with some pretty serious stuff how do you balance you know staying true to what you're writing telling i mean source like you i know you didn't write the in front of one that's just the the for example the katie tower in wolverine john good on that one so good like that is that the the mold scenario specifically as the kind of thing i have actual nightmares about thanks combination of that sean maguire plus plus it's but there's there's really intense fairly heavy stuff where if you just described it superficially as a story you would absolutely never think of finding in in kids media how do you how do you handle walking that line.

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