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And then we had Thomas to lower on who has a very popular YouTube channel, and he breaks things down to like the molecular structure. And he talks about all these different things, and he said the exact same thing and it was like the next day and he talked about on mega threes, but he talked about it in a scientific way. But basically in short, what he said was they burn up quicker and I was like, Puckett big, Doug was right man, like fats. Yeah, yeah. It's just a, I guess, just due to the to the way the structure is it's easier for your body to break them down, and then it might be with saturated fats and different things like that. And I was just like, wow, okay, cool. Good information. It's good to get that info and then be able to utilize it. Who are some people like in the strength and fitness community that you've looked looked looked to over the years to kind of gain information? Have you been to seminars? Have. View wars are just some guys. You follow on Instagram or YouTube, or you found some in for information or inspiration from any of those kind of people in the fitness industry. I mean, honestly, not really. I've kind of just. Of always try and stay on top of what's what the latest stuff isn't. And I always try to understand why this is now popular you and at the time it ends up being something that's really not even that true. Sometimes it's crap or some time that something like intermittent fasting. Whereas like, you know, you didn't think it was a thing and then you're like, oh, right, used it in worked. So I typically, what I do is I just try stuff all myself and see how it works. And that's pretty much how have done everything. My whole, my whole life is experimentation through my own body and that way I understand it personally, and then I understand things because I have a couple clients who just love China, man, we'll do basically whatever not. I mean, you know, within within reason. Yeah, but. Hey, tell them to pick up a sledgehammer and hit a tire with it. They're like cool. Yeah, sure. For one of the biggest things for me though that I've just gra- hung onto is nothing. Nothing beats good old freeway training, right? So one thing, one of the things I've noticed here since I've been in Los Angeles and like every I see it everyday everywhere is these trainers are training. These normal people like an NFL athlete or something, and it makes no sense to me because, you know, they're, they, these people want to build muscle or they want to get a little bit more in shape, but they have him doing the most insane things. And then I go on my clients and we're just, I mean, it's good to have fun sometime with it. Now I believe in what you're saying and totally understand. And I think that when you go into the gym, there's not that many different things that you can really work on. And if he work on too many different things than you end up with nothing. Really. You You know. know, if you're hopping around like a bunny rabbit going back and forth between a bunch of exercises, then that's not gonna give you time to elicit the right response. It's not sending your body the right message. Normally when you're in the gym, you're sending a message to your body of, we're gonna stimulate some of these muscles. We're going to create some damage to some of these muscles. We're also not gonna overdo it. We're going to try to find optimal range to work within. We're going to pick two to four exercise per per that body part. We're gonna. We're gonna give it some good rigorous work, but we're not going to overload it with too much weight. We're gonna keep good form. Keep good tension on the muscle, and we're in here very specifically to to try to gain more muscle. Try to stimulate the muscle set. It sends a message, your body, sending a message to your muscles that we're going to induce some change. We're going. We want you to grow the only other thing that you can really work on other than growth in that fashion. Is strength maybe like a little bit of endurance, but you can't really. I want to say can't because there's things that that certainly do happen, but you're not really in there like burn body fat, you're not really in there too..

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