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We didn't recover. We have closed the peration Noel other the myself lost money, but I was very close to by Chris and I must weigh house in the process, lost whatever ISIS out of those. And no fellow risk-takers, welcome to my worst investment ever stories of laws to keep you winning in our community. We know that to win in investing. You must take risk, but to win big, you've got reduce it. My name's Andrew Stotz from as dots investment research today. I'm here with Bill Lewis who will be telling us about his worst investment ever. Thank you so much Bill for being with us and welcome to the show you were much opportunity joy today. Yes. Great to have you. So let me give a little background for our listeners about you. Bill Lewis is the founder and leader of Linaker digital media. He holds a degree in business strategy leadership, mergers acquisitions, operation strategy, and globalization from Harvard Business School Bill started his career as a senior financial analyst had Fords Europe division throughout his career. He's worker more than a dozen companies, including KPM. Gee, British Airways, and was the co founder in two thousand twelve of Tennessee's communications born as technologists. He has evolved into a consummate leader in board room titan he's helped many entrepreneurial businesses including some fortune two hundred companies Bill, you got anything to add to that excellent introduction, but you're very kind under, I think, yes, you're summarize population of both coporate by ground and holds of Larrea by random show. Let's for a little bit more limit more of us in a few moments. Now before sharing your story, can you tell us a little bit about your level of investing experience and what type of investment are you gonna be telling us about her this story or put my level of investment experience today somewhere between medium hard on this doesn't mean I'm investment professional just got considerably experience on us. We'll see. Both golden by then I will come some of those stories in a moment. The actual story I'm going to share with you about point in time. I would put my investment experience. Probably Lou on always low to Optimus duty many of eligible as at some point in time how the level of belief in those that runs ahead of our best said. Now, to set the stage for our listeners in, you described the circumstances leading up to this worst investment. Of course, everybody goes into their worst investment thinking, it's not gonna be bad. It's going to be good. So maybe you can tell us what was going on in your life in the markets in the you know, what were you presented with when you made this investment? Okay. On a little bit of background because it's relevant to hell the story pounds out, I'd had very -ccomplish career as you out in the election after period of time on. I think that as my life thirties, forties, I decided to take some time out to Charlie, which I. I did five years. We created on around very successful in the UK working with this abundance young people to use. I came back into the business world, but not wanting to go into court. Light is signed to try my hand initially consulting, but very rapidly moved toward soldier, finish it. So I'm kind of unaccomplished coporate executive harmful experience of running oganizations outside the culprit environment announced Epping Ford into what was by four angel removes the measure. Okay. So that gives us a little hint that the story is going to be about entrepreneurship. Why don't you then take it away in? Tell us that story. Tell us what happened results, a number of introductions. I met a couple of guys in the US on entered into a polish ship with their American organization to open up the United Kingdom with a range of consumer. Now they have been successful in the US on the agreement was the American organization Safai product unmanageable support on training junior during the initial period? Now for about a year, I would supply finance premises. I would recruit, I would run the organization now I was coma..

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