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So that just pass the time they, they went up against the saints on Thursday and Cody Kessler. This is a guy to watch here because we all know, Blake Bortles struggles and then like Cody Kessler everybody, myself included. Is that a real guy to be a backup in case things go sideways for Blake, Bortles in Casey, gets hurt. Remember this is a team that is very close to being Super Bowl team Jacksonville. Well, he looked apart marks s. fourteen of. Nineteen thirty nine and a touch against the saints. Thursday night. He reeled off couple practices lately too. Were he had these sort of nine for nine with two touchdown type thing. The bigger story for me because I think again, it's Blake Bortles. It's gonna live with this until he doesn't is constantly doubted for appropriate reasons in others. And he came out at thought in the first drive and looked good converted. A nice third down past Dede Westbrook in for a touchdown, six for nine fifty three yards. The offense looked competent. They rolled right through the saints defense on that first drive, then they all fled the field. No one else to make the gain the saints to me. No drew Brees not overly impressive on defense. Let's start there. They in the word from saints camp is like they've had the best camp for a defense that they've had in a long long time and on paper. It is a better defense deeper at linebacker. It's it's the youngest secondary in NFL history, I believe, or in the last seven or eight years a year ago, and they're all growing up and should be better. I'd. I don't know what to take from this one, but now, but Greg, you're coming off a big twenty four to twenty preseason. You have to circle the wagons. If you're the saints. Now look and say, you're on elves the saints, pulled it off. There's a lot to take away from them. I think the early part of the game, what do you do if you're the saints? I do games, Tom, savage newcomer, and. Fourteen for seventy. Hold onto that roster spot. Tommy stay in the league, get paid. To open your season with Tom savage savage. Throwing the first pass for you. I mean, someone someone named Ivar Lawrence by believes a second year undrafted guy had three sacks playing with in, I think, almost all in the first half. So that's like for him. That's what the preseason is about. Like you might end up seeing him playing a lot for the saints, and we don't know who is moving on just moving right along guys. Oh, by the way, Mark one more Browns note that's five straight preseason wins for the Cleveland Browns dating back. We're undefeated last year in the preseason. I know and everyone talks about all you went Owen sixteen and what I point to is what happened in August. And I said, there's a lot of there's a lot of pride and accomplishment, right? They're moving the New England, Patriots. Definitely the highlight of the Sean Kaiser's Brown's career was last August. I'd say the New England Patriots were down seventeen nothing to the Redskins Thursday night. But you know, they'd never say die, hey, go watch fifty one west absolute anyway. Tom Brady didn't play. Rob gronkowski did not play Brian Hoyer play, but didn't play very well. In fact, things got off to a really sore start for New England, and then some hor- hor- man working for the local. Affiliate in Boston, WBZ Barron. He's a lifer. He's a lifer, Steve burn. They dispatched that poor man. I don't know what he did to piss somebody up. They dispatch him down to the patriots sideline to ask what Bill Bill check thought about the verse quarter performance of the New England Patriots. Here is how that win coach preseason football's not about winning losing, not hope to get out of the firsthand. We need to do pretty much everything better. Just good, nothing. Any area. Good to see good situation, football scoring at the end of the half anyway. Yeah, about thirty eight seconds of good football. That's a tough job. That's what's media. Well, what do you did come around and laugh at the end funny thing is I think that's like a guy he gets along with because these been there forever and it's just like seem pretty uncomfortable like yours even like an awkward handshake at the end because the guy didn't know what else to do.

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