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They've done better with their free agents with some of their veteran free agents to Tremaine Johnson was a big strikeout, but every Williamson's a pretty good player. So I'd tentatively say just be cautious. You don't wanna get hurt? But I think there is reason to believe that they have turn things around to some degree. And this is the type of draft where you are gonna wanna turn down. What were you are gonna wanna trade down? So if you're the jets you're rooting for the quarterback's to get hot. So you might have to come up and take that third overall pick from you, this is the type of draft again, I think after after Nick Bosa after Quentin Williams and maybe Josh Allen where you're going to say, okay. There's not a huge difference between the fifth pick and the twenty fifth pick. There's not a huge difference between the fifteenth pick and the thirty fifth pick. So there is some merit to the idea of trading as well. And the jets who have plenty of holes to fill question. Number two. This is from Craig Gainsbourg that's at crag Adam g NHL team jumps the giants in the first round to get Dwayne Haskins. I certainly that's a possibility because he's a quarterback. And that's what happens with quarterbacks. And if you wanna look at the draft order, and I'll pull it up right now. The giants. At the front end of teams that actually need a quarterback right now. So the teams that are drafting in the top five you've got the cardinals at number one. You've got the Niners at number two. You've got the jets at number three the raiders number four the bucks number five. None of those teams have a crying need quarterback. Then you get the giants. They do the Jaguars. They do you got the dolphins. I'm sorry. The lines at number eight, they don't the bill's number nine. They don't the Broncos number ten. They could take one. So you've got three teams. They're on the bottom half of the top ten that could take one. The Jaguars could jump the giants. I wouldn't rule the Broncos out, you know, as far as moving up. You know, you look at potentially the dolphins at number thirteen there another team that could move up. And so I would not rule out the idea that a team jumps the giants to go and get Dwayne Hassans. Or maybe somebody like Kyle Murray question number three from Charlie work. That's at mills berry shoe. Or Milbury shoe? Do you see a regression from the Rams this season? Hashtag sakes pack. I don't see huge aggression from the Rams because I believe in Sean McVay, the staff is put together the approach that they're taking. I do think it's going to get more difficult because they've got a number of players who are coming up and Dante thousand free agent Dom consumes a free agent Roger Sappho, a free agent, lamarcus Joyner free agent. So they've got some really good players that are that are going to be free agents that are going to be tough to retain on top of that the cap situation is going to get dice in a year. And you have to start budgeting for that stuff. So you have to make decisions on guys like Jared Goff to extend of now do next year. That's a question they have to answer. And so it's just gonna get trickier now because some of their star players are moving into points career where their cap numbers are gonna rise. That's Donald that's girlie. That's sprinting cooks, and that's eventually going to be Jared Goff. And so it gets trickier. I think it's going to Mandalay dry. Better or they they continue to draft. Well, they've done a good job since McVeigh's been there. And with the general manager Ness less need has done drafting McVeigh's system and finding like really good guys like John Johnson or or Samson epi calm in the in the middle rounds finding those guys Josh Reynolds, Gerald Everett was the second round. But you know, non round pick. They've done a nice job there. They're going to need to continue to do that question. Number four from Steve FitzGerald, that's at Stephen M fits..

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