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Jessica ma'am Annabella showroom paralegals warranty on Megan has Joan Illuzzi Orban eight women who have changed the course of history in the fight against sexual violence these are eight women who hold our justice system into the twenty first century by declaring that rape is rape and sexual assault sexual assault no matter what come on Sunday the idea that we didn't know what rape was raped until this you know this is what bugs me about these people so here's this guy obviously pandering to women D. A. as electives it got pandering to women and praising god I'm not trying to take him away from the misunderstand the idea that this that this culture doesn't know what rape wise and if people got away with it all the time until now this is a kind of it's a disservice to young people who are not being taught proper history sexual assault or sexual assault no matter what rape is rape no matter what it's always been a challenging thing to prove but anyway I just this this kind of pandering and grandstanding to be just a little bit too much okay the drive by media the Democrats in full fledged melt down because of crazy Bernie and his warmup bring victory in the Nevada caucuses as a montage of George Stephanopoulos James Carville the former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel bunch of people from M. S. N. B. C. bunch of people from NBC speaking of do you own all do you know that Chuck Todd rented a house he owned it to Amy called Afshar for a whole bunch of years something like thirty seven hundred dollars a month rent that clover shorter husband lived in this house while she's a senator now F. chock out there interviewing all these years on meet the press and now the democratic campaign and didn't think dimension once by the way full disclosure Klobuchar's helping me invest money my real estate properties because she went for me thirty seven hundred Bucks a month you think it might have been helpful people and all that but after Chuck Todd didn't seeing they think it was necessary to mention neither did Amy Klobuchar's anyway here is the montage Sanders is the top of the ticket the Democrats could lose the house if you're voting for him because you think he'll win the election politically you're full this is been tried we just saw in Great Britain Jeremy Corbyn went down dramatically well I political suicide Democrats need to sober up the Democrats won't win unless the ticket reflects the center Democrats that go through the five stages of grief Sanders may have crushed the hopes of the democratic establishment desperate to stop the flow of France in the summer of nineteen forty and the general run no calls of Churchill and says it's over and shows how can it be you get the greatest army in Europe I'm going to be over he said it's over that's that's not common Matthews made to the now they want to resign or be fired from MSNBC Z. comparing Sanders is victory to the German takeover of France the brown shirts in in World War two but let's look at some of these comments Stephanopoulos Bernie Sanders top of the ticket the Democrats could lose the house by the way James Clyburn of the congressional black Caucasians in South Carolina he's the Democrat majority whip in the house and the suspect is going to endorse plugs plug is leading in South Carolina the climbers say the same thing that if if Bernie Sanders nominee we Democrats could lose the house of representatives Ron Emmanuel this is been trying we just sort of Great Britain Jeremy Corbyn went down demand we've seen it everywhere rom we've seen it in Cuba we've seen it in Venice where we've seen it everywhere socialism has been tried I'm gonna tell you how crazy Bernie does this summer to help all socialists do this how they seduce people in in just a minute but the the thing that I want to keep pounding at your I don't think that Bernie is that big amount line I know he's not a Democrat this is the funny thing the Democrat nominee may not even be a Democrat he's an avowed socialists he does not he votes with the Democrats but he's not a registered Democrat and Bloomberg either Bloomberg is a Republican Democrats may end up nominating so he's not even a Democrat but the idea that Bernie is an out liar he doesn't he's right side by side with Ted Kennedy crazy Bernie honeymooned in the Soviet Union Ted Kennedy walked with the Soviet Union trying to undermine Ronald Reagan in the nineteen eighties here's Paul Krugman of The New York Times now this guy is heralded as one of the premier most brilliant economist in the wall and he said it was he said after trump was elected we would automatically into recession maybe a depression and economic collapse the likes of which the country may not recover from where are we we are in one of the greatest roaring economy in this country in fifty years crush one should have been discredited and embarrassed and cast aside but no he's still out there like Paul Ehrlich raising the population bomb back in nineteen seventy six dead wrong about every ecological prediction he made still a hero of the left escribe menus he was he was on C. syndicated TV program called democracy now today Amy Goodman of The New York Times co hosting sad why do you always say Bernie Sanders is not a socialist Bernie says he loves Denmark I love Denmark I think Denmark is an illustration of how decent a society can be the Danes don't think that they're socialists they think that their social Democrats they don't use the word socialist you say that you're for universal health care they say socialist you say your for universal child care they say think about how many people Stalin killed you know it's this crazy stuff so why use the word quite describe yourself I think it's kind of self indulgent to call yourself a socialist and give the Republicans unnecessary ammunition I'm for the same kinds of policies why fight in the Republican effort to make this sound like something Stalin would do it because it's what it is so Paul Krugman essentially saying I'm for everything Bernice for but he shouldn't work use the word socialist because it makes a sound like something Stalin would that is the Democratic Party in a nutshell that's my exact point that they have them radical leftists for as long as I've been doing this show those of you who have been listening to this program since the beginning of very near right now I've been consistent as I can have never wavered on this I mean to the point that I've about sometimes you thought I was a little off my rocker was some of the analysis I was making about them but they are full fledged the simpler middle wacko movement you realize this thing got started folks in nineteen eighty seven eighty eight right when I was leaving Sacramento to move to New York to start the show the anti nuke movement has been around long before the peace movement long before this program began the left is who they are the Democrat party is their home and Krugman has just admitted here to him now you don't use the word you don't use the word because it makes people think a stop let me ask this of people alive in America today how many of them even know what Stalin did American education covers for communists like you can't believe how many people in this country do you think well I'll get I'll remind you of something there was a poll actually surveyed high school students up to age twenty four high school college students from like eighteen sixty to twenty four only twenty percent I never heard of Stalin and didn't know anything about him and thirty percent had heard of mounts a tongue so it's seventy percent never heard him out eighty percent never heard of Stalin when I survey came out I happen to be at a charity golf tournament that was being sponsored by a local private school of very high performing kids so I did my own survey they were at every tee box there were you know helping turn along every time ran in a couple of them is that by the way can you tell me who was about to tell what C. he's a Tiananmen Square guy right no old not the GM instrument surely was there but not the Tiananmen Square if you're thinking of Stalin no cloak no clue whatsoever I have no idea Stalin mass murdered his own seven AM that that Monterey founded the same thing no knowledge of it so Paul Krugman here worried I don't think we should be calling our souls social cemex is telling something Stalin was don't worry Paul you guys have a racist sthalam Stalin from from history books no concern their brief time out much more straight ahead right after this when you read the Limbaugh letter your prep that combat liberal badness because L. rush both supplies you with an arsenal of facts subscribe to the print edition of the Limbaugh letter and you'll get free rushes dad's famous inspiring speech stand up for America as founded.

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