Chase Utley, Phillies, Cancer discussed on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball


We will dig into that left side they played a clip creek gave it's made the rounds on the internet man it is a motion piece where chase utley and a young fan of the philadelphia phillies who was stricken by cancer were reunited pitches dalit away ball one day robertson spring training this year told the story showed the pictures about least signing autographs for a kid who was going through chemotherapy for cancer about ten or eleven the one cut on biz and the the the big part of the the story was that the kid today is now a pitcher in the dodgers organization devon's smeltzer the one one is doubt it in so two balls and strikes strike they roberts with clip shows hey this young guy with cancer and philadelphia was a huge phillies span chase utley hero here's chase signing an autograph form will this kid is beaten cancer he's now a pitcher in the dodgers organization he hasn't seen chase utley since then and he's standing right here in this room the two one is on the outside corner i mean i dare you to watch that clip at not getting a little choked up holy cow and you could win dave roberts says and he's a pitcher and organization you could hear somebody say no way yeah and it's it's amazing the tutut swigging afoul back to the screen but what's cool though is that the camera shows chase utley just you know it's like a pre practice spring training meeting he's a sitting at his locker like everybody else and he's listening to dave roberts doc has no idea whoa that's what's cool that shock factor one out basis after you to two in their got of looking at least gone two way back to the top of the order chris tim bottom of the seven five nothing dodgers lead it yet dave roberts did a magnificent job just saying you know look here's chase their show pictures on the monitors this is chase does you know signing autographs and for this kid chase utley was one of his heroes and this kid is now a pitcher devon smeltzer in the dodgers organization and here he is right here and leak got out of his chair walked right over to him and hugged him and it was it was sensational here's taylor down the pitch swing and a miss this guy by the.

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