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Streams so. Today with this guy. Make it too. That is prom king unsound opinions from SABA the care for me L, which is my number five album two thousand eighteen Jim what's your next pick? Greg. I'm going to number four on my top ten list with superchunk what a time to be alive the eleventh album by this long running band from Chapel Hill North Carolina lead forever by MAC McCaughan. And Laura balance, you know, the first real political album of their career came out so early in the year both of us were excited about it. And it really was a record that posed the question how can you not be talking about current events at this period where as one song puts it hate is so graceless and cavalier. It is it is a roar in defiance too much of what has been tainting the news. But also. It is it is a coal to community to come up in arms. We played and loved both of us that song Reagan youth, which compared to a similar time during the Reagan era and hardcore punk in the underground in England and in the US was response. This was super chunks response to to the moment not in super specific terms of. But the question MAC McCullum pause poses is to see the rot in no disguise. That's what it's like to be alive today that we've all got to get woke to all the problems. This is the title track. What a time to be alive by superchunk on sound..

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