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The pride passion and pageantry of college football lives here. This is the Paul finebaum show hour three podcast. We are back, a busy day, J Bill it's an hour ago talking about Shibuya, coming back to Kentucky and the NIL. We talked to John Adams about the balls, chances. And you heard Candace Lee there talk about Vanderbilt's future. Let's get back to the calls. Danny is up next. Hello, Danny. Man, I'm trying to hold back the best thing I can say is Candace Lee sucks. She's horrible. She has no right to be running a. Program in the SEC, she's just terrible. Let me offer it. Let me say this to you, and you can have any opinion you want. But having some experience with Vanderbilt in the past as the athletic director, you can only do what your administration allows you to do. So you may not like what she says, and that's fair, but does she have total authority and autonomy over how much is spent on football two wins, her goal is to win. Well, I don't think she said that. I think what she said, I mean, listen, I'll be if you're not concerned about the future of Vanderbilt football, you're not being honest with yourself. The last three years have been a total disaster. Let's cut to the chase. And there wasn't much evidence last year that Clark Lee has made a dramatic shift in culture. I thought the culture was great under Derek mason, his coaching was terrible. That was the problem. Yeah, much better. And the thing about it is that. When she canceled UGA's senior day, it was just horrible. Well, again, I know that I know Georgia fans remain very upset about that, but the real issue is can Vanderbilt be competitive in football. And I think she determined that day they couldn't be. So you're right. The game was the game was off. They should not be in this conference. Goodbye to Vanderbilt. Thank you, Danny. You know, I mean, I feel like the question was fair and the answer was her answer in relation to what is acceptable under Clark Lee. James Franklin proved ten 12 years ago, you could do it. You could be successful at Vanderbilt. Now, the problem for Vanderbilt isn't the fact that they have been non competitive competitive the last couple of years, it's the league is only going to get more difficult. With Oklahoma and Texas coming in and this NIL, making the haves and the have nots even worse than they already were. I mean, Vanderbilt used to maybe catch a bad Tennessee team every once in a while or somebody else, there aren't going to be any bad teams in the SEC anymore other than. Pat is up next. Pat go right ahead. Hey Paul, this is just a comment about the call from Jane from Tennessee about legend. Right. I would suggest that Jane they let loose in the prison yard as an inmate and see how well he fares or better get how long he lasts. And one more thing, Jim is so jealous of legend and I'm Ann because they are men he can't stand up to him like he can women. You know, whether you like pat or not, and I think we could do a poll on that and get a mixed result. She doesn't waste any time. And I like that very, very much. She comes in very hot. Cat daddy..

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