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Telling us that safety is the number one priority is Casey Steagall Intel said this is the judge in Oklahoma has thrown out a request from the two tells the residents to force people to attend the rally to wear masks the trump campaign says it will be handing them out and taking people's temperatures out the door the state of Florida now is nearly ninety thousand cases of the virus and more than thirty one hundred deaths after allowing bars restaurants and some theme parks to reopen the this is mostly a matter or call or Santis who says he thinks younger people aren't no longer practicing social distancing any reminds people to abide by that guideline and wash their hands and wear a mask U. S. attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey Berman who oversaw prosecutions of allies of president trump is resigning from his post Attorney General William Barr says president trump intends to nominate SEC chairman Jay Clayton to the post America is listening to fox news I've got this practical for Sharpay rescue dog Jimmy coco another sharp Hey everyone who is Joe talk with the dyna light on my goodness probably five six years he will remark on really how well my dog what do the whole state I tell me up they get a regular diet is dynamite with every meal kind of side is trash and all I have to do with a dog food pandemonium they can be half asleep and they're thrilled you don't need to wait until the problem presents itself it's far better to keep the dog happy and healthy at all times dynamite for life we'll be all right I tell I get my Dino vice from the I. N. O. V. I. E. dot com your city which should be the epicenter of the pandemic in the U. S. is on track for its next phase of re opening but governor Andrew Cuomo warns covert isn't over we still have much more to do we have to monitor the local infection rate local governments must ensure compliance into tracing we have to watch out for second wave we have to watch out for possible infections coming now from other states and many people need help to get their lives back to normal the governor also thank healthcare workers and first responders for working together to bring down the infection rate New York City will enter phase two of re opening.

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