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Different chemistry i guess. Yeah it's it's fun because we got on. Emc jesse sometimes allow. The bands are banned. We've met and played with or known for awhile but then we've also turned around. He'll reach out some bigger bands. But we don't really know like we we've had had in her own words young culture rarity One of our one of our hometown. Heroes is with the punches. We had them on we gray conversation with them yet. Jeff tie from. I call fives on recently. Then we turned around. And i did some right no prince. We had a called. Say what you will. From connecticut base go check l. Awesome awesome fan Friends real talk have been on a few tonight. the guys and goalkeeper fantastic humans fantastic. I agree It's it's it's fun because we've got to connect with bands and stay connected with our friends and meet new friends without going and playing shows which have been damn near impossible to do and all of this grew from a more or less. Hold my beer kinda situation. Where aaron descent a group text to the to the bandon. Zombie wanted to a podcast and is like yeah all right and we did a podcast that night and now those episodes wanna nonsense. So that's awesome. I'm glad i'm glad you start doing that. It's it's a great idea for a band. And i've i saw a like one or two bands do it before the pandemic and then i saw more do it like after the pandemic hit and i was like i think i think it's a great idea. It is just another kind of way to market or promote yourself. I guess kinda give fans more of a behind the scenes bird. I view it just depends on what you're doing with your podcasts. Because there's different ways to go about it. You know so. But i like i like the way nonsense does it. I think it's really cool man. I'm glad to hear that idea. Pop onto pizza doesn't thanks man. Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

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