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Hello ladies and gentlemen welcome. I am mark levin. We're going to get to some calls. Eight seven seven. Three eight one. Three eight one one eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one friends family foes are all reminding me that f. lee bailey passed away. I didn't know athlete bailey. Certainly knew of him he was a famed lawyer was considered a great lawyer up to a point and then later not so much of course. He was one of the lords for oj simpson so as other very controversial figures. Couldn't captain medina charges in connection with them. Eli massacre during the vietnam war among others. Damn computer what. Can i tell you. But here's the thing. When i first got to know rush limbaugh. It was through his staff person. Cookie or catherine gleason and she would you know pulled together the various Audio for rush extraordinarily capable and loyal lady. I got to know and the door. And i would send in things unsolicited or on to rush from a legal perspective from a constitutional perspective. If things came up and so forth. I think it started in the mid one thousand nine hundred nineties. I remember correctly and one day because he was extraordinarily appreciative. He announced out of the blue. That i was the director of his legal division. Of course this is brilliant. Rush limbaugh on radio in the mind. There was no legal division. But i was now the director of the legal division and he gave me a name f. Lee levin obviously a knock off. Oh excuse me on. F lee bailey and russia's hilarious. He had this tremendous sense of humor. This is the sort of thing he would do. Even today. people will say to me how you doing leigh. And then he changed. I mean that formerly was limited. Call me flee now and then f. l. e. and i know when you get old you say things. Those were the good old days but those really were the good old days really. Were so you know when you get older people pass.

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