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Are we going to have a budget today curtly hope to uh we've been called into session we are today well heard ian hunter my understanding her crowd coming in after their confirm in the late afternoon or evening part o'clock i'm not sure what guarded we waited there all day yesterday uh we were supposed to go win can i never got called for good you're never gonna quirot uh in a wheeler here whoa bourdier so in the morning and i don't know who to arlberg oh but we need to go to come from a legislative perspective is it responsible to the people of connecticut to be voting on a budget on the same day one is going to be filed you know you abbott document kern going to be improved who not only report on actor implement boom would enquire on six hundred twenty five so uh owen who won rolled into one big actress who ukraine possible who be able to read the seven eight hundred papers on it in a couple of hours and analyze the you know and then bring the quote owed so no it's not responsible no we have a 12hour rule in the senate senator pouvaana work out with the rule when we become harder to do new knew who we could harm and argriculture pilot manner no in the middle of the night and a 12hour court her who you know cruiser macher waiter duper but you haven't heard yet whether that budget has been filed idir are your guy the somebody court something was foiled but we haven't got a number yet so um you know i'm hurting in there shortly uh no coup find out on hurler our researchers in our would agree there and earn are there to trader good work regard you know we're along very today waiting uh no further book your found in you know the republicans have our quicker we added our nine or toot we've gone as we are your recruit current circumstances you know we were ready to run our but you're very ready to run a courier no will who will be what we are after googood it created connecticut who will go on the first pick you'll aryan hurry number day seventy seven without one senator you represent.

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