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You're listening to the world cafe today. A session with rickie lee jones hosted by our new orleans correspondent gwen tompkins. Gwen says that of all the great debut albums. In american popular music she thinks ricky lee jones self titled nineteen seventy-nine debut is among the best the songs pop with well pop and jazz and poetry and tragedy and compelling characters and humor. The album was a spectacular beginning to a nearly fifty year career in music and it earned jones her first grammy award for best new artist but jones life in music began long before that debut and she shares the pop jazz poetry tragedy compelling characters and humor of her story in the new memoir. Last chance texaco. Chronicles of an american troubadour. In the book we learn the back story of any number of songs including the early gem called easy money. We'll hear gwen tompkins interview with rickie lee jones. After a bit of easy money there was a joe backdoor. A couple deals have is on a couple bills. Waiting hands the flip. that's it. this time was up back. That was easy. Money from the nineteen seventy nine album. Rickie lee jones. this is world cafe. I'm gwen tompkins in new orleans. Rickie lee jones has written a memoir called last chance texaco. Chronicles of an american troubadour and joins world cafe from her home. Also in new orleans. Thanks so much for being with us. I know i'm so glad to see you again grin. I'm very happy to see you. I'll boy i mean we live in the same town and we do run into each other on occasion and i recall you to be a very very strong scrabble player. No one can compete with you. Know book i need to get a book study. That scrabble book. We have a date coming up but but rematch deal deal now now. Let's talk a little bit about the book because in your book. Your book your memoir. Describe a remarkable insight. When you're in your twenties in california broke anticipating maybe your last unemployment check and thinking about giving up song. I'm writing and and A friend introduce you to the music. Publisher called bud dain now. He was in the motown building on sunset boulevard bird. Can you read that passage for us. This is really an interesting passage from that you can write. You could write a song about this too. I sat down in a chair in front of his desk and played everything. I had easy money weasel in the white boys. Cool and young blood when i finished as i was leaving but finally offered. I liked that easy money right more like that. I shouldn't sure again. His deal was that i would right show many songs per month for eight hundred dollars a month at my life in nine thousand nine hundred seventy seven. That was like winning the lottery. The day came to sign the contract inter the fraternity of music professionals. A week later ivan escorted me back up to budding office. We got on the elevator. That would raise me up to where. I was gonna have enough money to pay rent and buy clothes. I could even join us. Fall ivan. And i were sitting in buds office. I was reading my new contract pin in my hand. I was looking at the signature page but ras looking at me. I was hesitating looking looking looking until i set the contract down something in me. That warning voice said don't shine. I'm sorry can. I just think about this for a minute. Step by step out from his desk while ivan tonight collided head. Coaching empire Late evan what's going on. Twenty two rickie lee john's. I'm.

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