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Perfume came from Jerusalem away. Battle per few perfumers was to perfume when I really needed some then. All we need. I said. Is in Christ Jesus. Use him for. Don't use them for every time. Something happens you'll call on Jesus. Yeah. It's good to call on it. If you have faith in him. If you. Giving yourself Philly striving to fulfill. All of the will of God, not some of it. It's amazing. It's amazing. There's two is to the birth of Christ. Is his in his purpose? And then focused just about crowded him out. And they have their own in which is what I'm going to get. From christmas. I'll tell you what. As I stand here right now, if I never get another thing. Got just what I wanted. I really do. Yes. Lord. I tell you what I'm looking for now. Oh, see hadn't tasted world as far as idea. I can tell you right now. It's just like the young man came home. Found out somebody trick him. I've had I've had not too many. I've had few very few friends when I started out and so forth, and sometime some of them not many you can get over here. And then all of a sudden just gone back. That makes me no you never had it in the first place. This will satisfy yours. If you do it like tobacco Seth watch. This Saint Luke said I for as much as many have taken. There was a whole lot of folks that's the bible encourages us in this day. Not to believe every body comes in the name of Lord on TV. By God, set you in a place where you can get it. Direct your own steps that you could direct them. What took you only get around? Yeah. I want you to think that you could do it. Avenue avenue B, you're going down avenue be thinking you on avenue a. Lorde is blessed me right now. And the rule of some for you to just to trick. You. Gods? God's line is narrow get Willison. Yeah. This is a what kind of way a narrow way. Yeah. This is a give up something way. Yeah. This is not wrong used to be way. But it's not only the best way is the only way. Glory. And that's what hinders people. And win. They.

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